Plextor Europe officially announces PlexWriter 40/12/40S

I just posted the article Plextor Europe officially announces PlexWriter 40/12/40S.

We already reported about Plextor’s latest SCSI drive several times but today we can find an official announcement of the PlexWriter 40/12/40S on the Plextor Europe website:

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Ok is SCSI but Why 40/12/40 !!! The SCSI interface is Too Slooow for 48/24/40 ?? I don’t understand the new Plextor marketing. People ask SCSI and plextor Re-sell the 40x unit in SCSI version instead of the Last 48x!! :frowning: I Hate This!!!

40x12x40 is fine! Its a whole lot faster than 12x! 48 speed gives you about 20 seconds off the speed of a 40? Sit back and relax while your CD is being made. I will admit that 24x rewrite would be nice.

It uses Z-CLV. I prefer CAV writing.

Plextor won’t be going higher than 40x in any sort of official capacity. There is far too much quality loss and risk of disc exploding when you pass the threshold of 10,000 RPM. I’d prefer a company that chooses to be cautious when we’re talking about exploding discs, instead of being blind to the dangers. Besides, any personal recording I do for myself is at 12x. I want my discs lasting longer than a year. :8 I find it funny that Plextor Europe would announce the new SCSI drive, considering that section of Plextor announced that Plextor was out of the SCSI CD-R/RW market. :r That was sure news for Shinano Kenshi, Plextor Japan, and Plextor USA. :4

who cares whether it’s 40 or 48?!! it’s just a couple of seconds difference! I think it’s fast enough, and apart from that, it’s quality what this is all about, not quantity. asus and liteon drives might be faster, but they are just atapi crap, and crap in general, even if they were scsi, because only plextor knows how to make good drives, and I am not just talking about ability to make copies of copy protected discs, may be there are some games where liteon is better, but in general plextor is much better than liteon, asus and philips together. especially the scsi version of plextor