Plextor Europe delays shipment of the PX-716 for quality issues

I just posted the article Plextor Europe delays shipment of the PX-716 for quality issues.

Pac used our news submit to tell us that Plextor Europe has delayed shipment for the PX-716
because the company considers the current state of the drive to be not of the
quality that Plextor…

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WOW! I’m impressed. After having read the reviews I was VERY disappointed. I had been holding out for this drive for a while. I hope they can make some BIG improvements.

I hope not too many people bought this drive because if it’s a hardware related issue, Plextor’s mail box is going to be jammed packed full of returned drives.

Damn and I just ‘RMAet’ my px708, it has arrived fryday but still no drive at my place :c

The will do anything to solve the problems. Remember one thing!!! I’ts a plextor product, but be happy they tell us this sad news. Otherwise they keep there mouth shut and sell this product further with all the problems around. And now we now they investigate the problems to solve it and give us finally a one of the best drive’s out there.

Oh boy another 712 thing. Hardware is messed up so lets fixt it with FW, for at least a couple of months.:c

i bet this is exactly the same problem since their in house designed 1st gen dvd burner 708a. plextor took more than a year to admit the problem well, i hope they fix the problem & 716a prevails as a top grade burner

I havea 708A and not had problem one with it. What problems did they have? I Look forward to a new plextor drive when I can afford one. :c

Are you the white wolf from the cdrwarez forum by any chance?

plextor=quality It will be worth the wait!