Plextor Europe announces Plextor Premium (52/32/52) CD-recorder

I just posted the article Plextor Europe announces Plextor Premium (52/32/52) CD-recorder.

Plextor Europe has today  officially announced their latest CD-writer, the Plextor Premium, which we  already briefly mentioned during our CeBIT coverage. The  Plextor Premium drive...
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gigarec, nice to read but what I am missing is if these cd are also readable in non plextor drives ?

i doubt that anyway, a very nice drive to have :stuck_out_tongue:

From the cebit announcement, it seems they increase the data capacity by 40%, i.e. within the red/orange book standard for jitter - so it should be able to be read in other drives. However, this is assuming the drive writes with zero jitter and will of course reduce the effective error correction by 40%. Nice idea though.

Thanks, Dennis ! It’s a really good news ! :slight_smile: It kinda felt like I should check the Plextor site today :B

the only thing ‘premium’ about Plextor drives are the chunk they take out of your wallet. Is anyone buying their drives nowadays?

The press release mention increase of data storage only. Does anyone know if you can burn a long (time) music cd? And if so will it then be playable on a standalone cd player? 2½ hours on a music cd would be VERY nice.

:slight_smile: The CD’s will be readable in any player at cost of read speed. The more data you squeeze in the less speed you’ll get when retrieving it out from the CD.

will it finally handle safedisc 2.x that is the area of growth

Assuming that Gigarec also works in RAW mode, the drive has no chance to see whether you burn data or audio.

Well thats a stupid question of course we are buying plextor drives - if you know anything about quality then you would understand why :g Q

>> Well thats a stupid question of course >> we are buying plextor drives - if you >> know anything about quality then you >> would understand why Well, probably because you’d pay any price to see the name “plextor” on your drive, regardless whether it’s rebadged (such as their dvd writer) or not A typical syndrom of plextor-menia is that drives are judged even before they are released, not to speak about being reviewed… EDIT mh…IE 6 crashes and Opera doesn’t follow the threads
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It is a ridiculous question because as per the prior reply, anyone who cares about quality recordings, reliability, and a 2yr warranty for a rather insignificant hike in purchase price buys plextor. Anyone who follows forums such as this knows plextor is renowned for quality. The only bad thing about plextor drives till now is their inability to cope with copying games as well as poorer build/write quality/music extraction capability lite-ons. So, one brownie point for the competition, many brownie points for plextor. When someone such as you continually knocks one make you wonder if you work for the competition, weer unlucky to have a duff unit or bad experience (no one or nothing is perfect), or just dont follow the forum your on. Ice’y

It’s pretty simple: I never trust any drive before seeing or doing tests with it. Drives are just too expensive to buy them because of a manufacturer’s reputation, especially this very one. BTW, are only Plextor fanatics unable to read? If (some of) you would look over that low horizon, you would see that I carefully look for every fault I can find in any drive, regardless whether it’s LiteOn, LG, Asus, Plextor, Pioneer, Toshiba, or whatever. It’s just Plextor users who are annoyed by that! Users of other drives can accept that there are obviously more or less faults in the drives…only (some) Plextor users can’t.
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