Plextor Europe adds hard disk products to product portfolio

I just posted the article Plextor Europe adds hard disk products to product portfolio.

has send out a press release in which it announces that it expands its product
line with hard disk. Plextor is widely known as manufacturer of optical storage
products and uses the…

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so are these rebrands? it seems a lot of companies are just cramming hitachi drives in a pretty shell and calling it their own. gotta say… i’ve had some seriously bad luck with hitachi drives

not to mention the sound, it looks like they crammed a steel manufacturing plant in those drives :d

In the original press release Plextor has said that the hard disks will be developed in cooperation with I-O DATA. In this forum thread you can find more information and pictures.

So Plextor history 101… Late 90s… Plextor makes unquestionably the best CD writers on the market. Early 2000… DVD comes out and instead of Plextor trying to dominate the DVD market, they rebadge NEC drives. 2005… Plextor attempts to dilute themselves and jumps into the Hard Drive market (with rebadged drives I’m sure). And now Plextor’s future 101… any smart consumer doesn’t buy Plextor DVD writers nor Plextor HDs and instead choose a new company that offers superior quality(ex: ?), or superior value at the price (ex: LiteOn)
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I would tell anyone to avoid LiteOn like a BAD COLD!!! If any company does any rebadging it LiteOn.:b:+