Plextor DVDR PX 750A Burn problems

Hi. I am very despret. I have a Plextor 750A. From the day I bought it I havent been able to write a dvd (either + or -) faster then 4X. I have a P4 3.2 2GB Kingstone ram. 2 WD HD SATA 2 at 120GB and 200GB.Intel Mobo 915.And windows XP SP2.Also the audio cds sometimes write but they sound like a records jumps. I use Nero 7 and plextools but with the same result. The DVD recorder is on a IDE channel as master and the DMA are on.I have also tried different brands of DVD’s + and - but with the same results. I haven’t even attempted to write dual layer DCD’s.Please help

How many different brands and disks have you tried? Did you try any Verbatim/Taiyo Yuden/Made in Japan disks?

The 750 is in general, not that great of a drive but you should be able to get some decent results with the high quality media listed above. If not, then your drive is might be defective.

If you do plan on burning DL DVDs with the drive, The only disks Plextor recommends is Verbatim 8x DVD+DL (MKM 003).

I’ve got an “old” 750A on the backup pc, and i discovered that the drive stopped doing Bitsetting, i downloaded the Plextools LE , and it doesn’t permit to select the bitsetting settings… Even in Nero, it doesn’t permit changing the bitsetting…
Could it be for using a 40wire cable?

Changed the cable, and the problem mantains…
Any1 have the solution? i even reflashed the drive.