Plextor DVDR PX-716ASA won't burn

If I use Nero 7 or my old version of Nero 6, it starts the proces and gets to 3% of buffering and then never gets any farther. I have to end up hard rebooting my PC to get the process to die. I believe something is wrong driver wise. I had at one point NTI CD/DVD maker on and ever since then, nothing has worked right. I also have Pennicle Studio 9 on which on boot occasionally tells me something is wrong, forgot the message but it asks to fix it. SOmetimes I let it and sometimes I don’t still same result.

I have an Athlon 64 3200 but running Windows XP SP2 32bit. Drive is SATA. I have updated my Plextor drive to the latest firmware also but still no go. Even the Plextools during testing hose up and I have to hard reboot.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!! I am thinking maybe something with the ASAPI or whatever the drivers are called.

Everything depends on what the error message is!

It doesn’t happen all the time but running the NEOR info tool says ASAPI is not installed either the Windows version or the NERO version.

First thing to try, is go to device manager, and remove both your primary and secondary ide’s, then reboot and allow windows to autodetect everything. Then see if we still have the problem.

get nero aspi from here

This query should go into the Plextor forum. Your answer may already be in there (try doing a search of that forum, especially with your motherboard and “716SA”). With SATA, it’s all dependent on whether your particular motherboard/SATA controller is supported. Intel-based SATA chipsets were the most compatible in the past.