Plextor DVDR PX-716A- not playing DVD/CD's

I have a Plextor DVDR PX-716A - was working fine (new custom built computer) only used the DVDR a few times, not it won’t play CD’s or DVD’s. The icon comes on the screen like’s it’s trying to find the drive when I put a CD in, but then it goes off, when I click on the DVD drive, it does not show a DVD there. I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled the driver, and did a search for an updated driver, but window message came back with a message “this is the most updated driver available”. Device manager message says “DVD device is working properly” Anyone got any other suggestions: The person who put the pc together is in another state, can’t just run it over to him to fix the problem.

Thanks, hope to get a response today if possible.

Hello and welcome to CDF.

One possible cause could be dust and dirt that has accumulated over time. Look here for a possible solution:

Plextor drives have built in diagnostic self test:

If the drive does not recognise ROM and recordable media any more, it might be a dust issue. If the drive can recognise a recordable media and fails to do the self test it might be either bad media (use recommended media for this test) or a defect drive.

Try updating the firwmare and checking the DVD REGION. To check the region, just bring up the properties for the DVD drive from within the device manager and click on the DVD REGION tab.

Firmware can be downloaded here:

To perform the tests you’ll need:

• A jumper (supplied)

• A blank piece of Plextor-recommended DVD+R, DVD-R, or CD-R

This tests three functions of the drive: writing at maximum speed,
continuous playback at maximum speed, and random access.

To perform the self-test:

  1. Turn the computer’s power OFF, unplug it from its power source,
    and open the computer to gain access to the rear of the PX-716SA

  2. Remove the data cable but leave the power connected.

  3. Place a jumper over the the “self test/DMA” pins on the back of the drive.

  4. Now hold down the eject button on front of the drive and power the computer on.

  5. The LED will blink GREEN and then AMBER and the tray will open up.

  6. Insert a blank DVD or CD, after testing, if successful, the drive should open automatically. If failed, there will be a blink code:

One green blink indicates a write or read error.

Two green blinks indicate an initialization error.