Plextor DVD Writer Reliability Survey

because my 716a was going funny stuffs like taking long time to recognizing disks, i like to take polls to see how reliable 7xx drives (excluding 740) are.

i was trying to sell my 716a on ebay; oh boy, there are so many listings… more than any other drives i tried; appears there are so many disappointed users. guess, mine will be with me as a dvd ripper

ok made a mistake on poll questions;

just ignore the last choice (712a/sa/uf working well). just use 1st three choices & use them for all 708/712/716 drives.

sorry :wink:

btw, it seems benq made 740 is more reliable as mean time between failure is more than 716a

Mine is working great now, 'tho it’s taken me 5 RMA’s to get it to that state.

Luckily Plextor have outstanding tech support :bow: or I’d have given up on it by now!

You should have asked for the number of RMAs we have been through. :wink:
My new PX-716A is working perfectly, but I had to RMA my old one.

I have never had a problem that was not system related with my Plextor 716A. Of course, I do not overspeed my media, and only write at 8x or 4x. As far as I am concerned, Plextor is so much greater than the Sony & Pioneer drives I have had in the past. I also think I am part of the “silent majority” that are thrilled with the 716A.

both 716s - TLA 0101 and 0202 - and all other plextor drives working fine with no RMAs yet (knock on wood) including an extensively used 708UF…

I think you mentioned this like more than 10 times in the past year in different (but similar) threads. :wink:

but not everyone has read all those threads :stuck_out_tongue: …consider me the “vocal minority” :wink:

Not meant to be negative at all, drpino. Just wanted to point out that many similar threads like this can be found in the forum, although the starting topic was usually about a particular problem and at the end ended out of topic, some vent their dissatisfaction and many otherwise. :slight_smile:

I too had RMA my 712A twice but not because it failed or major problem, just because it won’t burn my YUDEN000-T01 below 20 PIEs. :stuck_out_tongue: I think if I keep my early 712As they would be fine.

Regarding 716A, I “tested” the first batch TLA0000 and returned two of them at local Bestbuy. I believe everybody knows about TLA0000 (ie not good at writing @16x and questionable scanner). But I wonder if there is still people who owns TLA0000 and how it perform with the new firmware(s) and Plextools.

Both of my 712A and 716A are still working fine btw.

I had to RMA 2 716A’s last winter. One started writing PIE’s in the 1200’s for some reason (tested with different media’s), second would not recognize any kind of disc and failed the self test out of the box. Third writes great and has given me no problems what so ever in the last 8 months also it’s my favorite drive.:slight_smile:

i know i know…plextor forum tends to sound like a broken record sometimes… :wink:

I went back and looked at those old 712A threads where you had problems with T01 and I think it was because they were revision 00 and not 01.

Too easy to repeat the same things for frequent and long-time posters. (Look at all those past posts from anyone with over 10K posts.) And so… a busy forum like this Plextor forum often has many threads with similar topics. Samsung forum rarely does simply because there aren’t many threads. How to prevent that and merge similar posts and threads has always been difficult.

But why isn’t there 708 listed there? :eek:

I think KenW kept his 0000 and says it performs fine. Probably the exception, though.

My 716SA is working well. No problems at all after PSU change.
Let’s see what future brings :wink:

This is the main disappointment with Plextor at the moment: Their consistency.

See, if you get a good 716, you get one awesome drive! If you don’t, then it’s RMA roulette :wink:

Plex still make great drives, they just need to make them more robust like in the old days…

i don’t like to waste my money on shipping to get replacements from plextor; mine is having major problem of recognizing disks; it takes considerably longer than others like 5 to 10 sec more than my a09xl & 1625

on 4x media, 716a is doing ok, but a09xl is usually better if a09xl supports the media & 1625 is generally better, but when it comes to ripping dvd video, 716a has been great; little bit slower than modded 1625, but always fast even with dl medias

anyway, i am wondering how good 716a really is in terms of writing quality when you get the satisfied unit though rmaing

My experience is that the 716 does take longer to recognize a disc and I believe that is normal. I consider my 716A a good writer and like any other writer, write quality is directly proportional to media quality.:wink:

well i bought 2 of those drives from egay oops ebay and both were DOA. install the drive and nothing, just sets there light flashing like it is trying to read disc but will not open.

Ebay is the embodiment of ‘caveat emptor’. I wouldn’t buy any hardware from sellers there, and I certainly wouldn’t buy blank media. I get the feeling that’s where half the world’s fakes are distributed.