Plextor dvd+r discs x16 speed



I have just purchased for the first time the above mentioned discs and have tried to write them at their stated speed using the 716uf drives but on both my drives I have been unable to get higher than x14 what is more putting them through XL PRO. qaulity checks I have only recorded levels of “good” as opposed to those of Vervatim 8x dvd-r tygo2 giving excellent on the same recording.I must say I was dissapointed in the plextor discs they did not come up to my expectations.I also saw a revue on these discs by CDR Zone1 and their conclusions for using this media with the 716 drive gave the same shortfall in them


YUDEN000T03 is very new media; it’s going to take a while for the drive manufacturers to tweak their write strategies for it.


And there are also significant batch variations. See this thread:

Taiyo Yuden 16x DVD+R (YUDEN000 T03) Batch variation


I contacted plextor euro and asked them to comment on the speed,they did not accept that there was a problem with this media.


You also must realize that it’s a pretty rare occasion for a 716 drive to reach the max speed of 16x no matter what the media; AutoStrategy is just VERY sensitive on those burners. The 755 and 760 do a lot better in terms of full 16x burning.


Well,that I did not know,would you think that more recent plextor burners are doing a betterall round job than the 716?


I’d have to say yes, based on results I’ve seen on the Web with those drives, as well as my own personal testing :slight_smile:


Which burner would you say is the best then ?


755A or 760A.


It’s easyer and cheaaper to turn off Auto-strategy. Then drive will burn with 16x speed normally. You can use Plex-tools to turn it off.


Autostrategy has little to do with whether a PX drive will reach 16x. If the firmware detects the disc will burn at up to 16x, turning off PoweRec will allow it to burn to 16x. Autostrategy only determines if the drive will derive the write strategy parameters from the disc or from firmware. If PoweRec is on and the drive makes a proper write strategy for the media, any media defects such as tracking, focus, eccentricity, whatever, would still cause PR to kick in and drop the speed. Autostrategy on/off/forced is only for the 755/760.


you’re using a 716[B]UF[/B]…have you been able to burn at full tilt 16x with any other media? have you ruled out the fact that your drives are external (dependent on the quality of throughput of your USB2/FW chipsets)?