Plextor DVD+R 8x



I have seen some posts of people using media before Yuden T02 but have not seen them in the US unless its an outrageous price.

Are these mostly a Eu product? What is the going rate for them where you are?

I have actually found someone willing to sell me some but I have to buy all of them (47x5 packs jewel cases) and I don’t know if want that many.


These YUDEN000 T02 are great.
There are no Plextor 8x DVD+R left in Europe, so grab some while you can :wink:

Usually sold for $5 a 5 pack or something like that…


Buy them - I only have 5x5 left here…and I’m pretty sad about that…
Great discs - aswell as the Plextor 8x TYG02


Ahh I see, I can get them for $0.299 each.

I think I will grab them all then.



I would too! :iagree:



For like 30 cents a disc… what are you waiting for! :stuck_out_tongue:


:iagree: …and I would keep them all, too, don’t give any away :wink:


Naw I will share my good fortune :wink: Just waiting for your full mailing address…



WOW for a 100 it’s $187 then the cheapest shipping is $118

yikes! :eek:



37.40$ for 100 and 21.88$ shipping

They are 1.87$ for [B]5pack[/B] :bigsmile:


You might as well buy 100 from for 36.99 ( Yuden000-T02-000) and shipping is only 7.00USD.:clap:


True, but from what I read, the Plextor’s YUDEN000T02 is the first discs from their batches or stampers so they are supposedly to be the best ones.


Honestly, in my testing I couldn’t see any difference in Plextor-branded T02 as compared to unbranded T02 or various other branded T02 like Sony and TDK.


With Shipping it came out to $30.92 per 100 and these are of course with jewel cases.

I am very happy with that price considering the only other place I can get them from (all Sony MIJ locally is dried up) like alan1476 said is Rima and those would cost me another $13 per 100