Plextor DVD Burner & CloneCD Question


I’ve long stuck with my Lite-On 24x burner, due to its high compatibility with CloneCD.

I haven’t actually tried to back up a copy protected game in almost a year though. (Seriously, just been too poor to get anything from Electronics Boutique!)

Anyway, I just picked up a Plextor DVD Burner (based on the NEC1100A).

If I have to, I’ll keep the Liteon drive in my system. But I’d prefer to just have ONE burner.

How does this Plextor drive compare? If Plextor had made the guts I wouldn’t even be asking this, but since it’s an NEC…

  • Gurm

Nevermind, answered my own question. Didn’t realize they had made separate CloneDVD and CloneCD sites. Bleh.

Guess I have to keep the Lite-on in the machine.

  • Gurm