Plextor drives

Hello im new to the forums and dvd buring but im a master when it comes to cd recording i have been doing it since it began so my transition to dvd shouldnt be to bad. we just got a new extra computer for the house a few mounths ago and it came with a 4x dvd burner so i got some learning on that i my self have a very good beefed of pc that i use with no dvd burner in it. every cd recorder i have ever owned was a plextor. and this is what brings me to a question i can get the plextor 712a for 58 bucks brand new, and i do need a dvd recorder asap do u guys think its worth it to get it just cause its so cheap? and then just buy the 716a dl when it comes out also?cause i would like to have a dl, or just wait for the 716a? and also any one wants to throw some tips my way about the 712a id really be greatfull, mostly about backing up ps2 and xbox games. thanks

712A for $58? where? I would get it if that cheap.

Yeah, for $58.00 I would get it.

The deal is good till the 29th only hum maby since im new if i tell everyone they will like me…hahahahahahahahahahahaha. I promis to reveal the secret place wit it for 58 dollars if enuff people post in here wanting it for that price. but remember its only till the 29th of this mounth and it is including a 50 dollar rebate and ur receipt has to be dated the 23rd-29th. i guess i will buy it probly tomarrow or monday ill order it so i get the special rebate.

O yeah 1 other random question if plextor makes a 52x cd recorder y does the dvd recorders only come with 48x cd recorder ? i know its not much more but thay might as well make it a 52x cd recorder. and they r behind in the dl game already they might as well skip the 716a and go for a 24x or 32x dvd recorder. and yeah yeah i know their aint media im just sayin might as well the media will come out some time if they make it that speed it always does. plus panasonic has that set to dvd recorder comin out wit a 64x dvd recorder in it so they can do it faster than 16x.

Sike im a nice guy its from dell u have to go to the small business section, they have the black one and white one. enjoy

My opinion: 712a is a good burner.
The only bad things are:

  1. it cannot burn DL (yet)
  2. it’s expensive


  1. Given DL media is 12 bucks a piece and you’re going to use it to backup your video games, I wouldn’t worry about DL capability yet.
  2. Given the $58 deal, we can eliminate #2 above.

Btw, thanks for the dell info.

Yeah , for US-citizens only , bwadr !!! :Z :Z :Z

O yeah i forgot the link hahaha thanks for puttin it up. I went ahead and ordered a black 712a should be here soon. then ill just wait for a 24x or higher DL since the 16x’s have been out from other companys by the time a 24x or higher comes out ill be ready for it, or maby even a blu ray hehehe :bigsmile:

O yeah the plextor 712a is even cheaper now only $40.38 today is the last day u can order it though the rebate is only good till the 29th. i hope some of u get in on it im gona order a few now lol.