Plextor drives write better quality audio cds?

Hello everyone, I recently found my way to these forums while trying to do some research and find out a little bit more about plextor drives.
I am wondering do plextor drives write audio cd’s better or with more quality than your standard, say, lite-on or LG drive?
They are about 8X as expensive as these drives, and in the end to me they both produce the same result. So there must be some technology or something that makes Plextor drives so much more expensive.
Really though all I want to know is if will they produce better sounding audio cds?

While on the topic of quality, a friend of mine told me there is like 3 or 4 main places in the world where they produce writeable media (cd-r,dvd-r, etc…) and that 95% of the companies selling these things purchase them from these companies and just slap their own name on them.
I’m wondering what your guy’s experiences are with different brands of media? Would you agree they are all pretty much the same, or are there certain ones that stand out for you? Is there one brand in particular that seems to be better for audio cds? Same would go for movie discs, any particular brands?

And one last question, do plextor drives have the option of burning at 1X?
The slowest option on my burner is 4X and I use that when writing audio cds, would love to be able to write them at 1X if possible.

In the past Plextor might of produced quality CD drives but of late a lot of people had a lot of problems with Plextor Drive’s ! Some people might say they are better than the other drives. In my own experience I found Lite-On just as good for a lot less price. The PX-750 model of Plextor DVD burner is made by BenQ so you can buy the same drive under the BenQ brand name for a lot less and don’t have to pay the 4 X higher price just to have the Plextor Name on it. There is a Plextor Sub-Forum in the Optical Drives Forum and you might want to have a read there a bit more about Plextor drives, I was thinking a few months ago to buy another Plextor my one is getting a bit old and after reading about all problems people were having I brought another Lite-On and been very happy I did buy the Lite-On and not the Plextor. :slight_smile:

For the media brand i’d take Verbatim Pastels(Taiyo Yuden) and also dvd media TY.

According to news posted at, Plextor made an official announcement on a new CD-RW drive (yes, CD-RW not DVD-RW) that will start sales in Japan by the end of the month, costing about USD 168,00 - quite a lot compared to present DVD burners prices!

It is said to have all the Plextor’s advanced features (Silent-Mode and Q-Check, for instance) plus support for Yamaha’s AudioMASTER technology (just like my “old” Yamaha’s F1).
This tech is just for audio, and Yamaha jumped out the drives business saying that low prices in the market made it no viable.

This is not the same story as the DVD burners that Plextor introduced and where just rebadged devices (the last are said not to be, but I don’t know other that the comments I did read), and if they come to the market with something nobody would expect - like a CD only burner - it has to have something special to justify the asked price.

You can find it only here and in Japanese, as the Plextor european site has nothing about:

Thanks [I]agomes[/I], we also have a thread started by [I]hwp[/I] about the Premium2 here.

Regards, :slight_smile: