Plextor drives continue to be available, but how many?



I just posted the article Plextor drives continue to be available, but how many?.

Recently we reported that the parent company of Plextor pulled the brand name for consumer CD and DVD burners, however Koba, an user on our forums is reporting that another Japanese website reports…

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I wish the professional produscts of Plextor to survive downsizing.


Plextor is no longer “professional producs” about for last 3-4 years and the resent events are result of this.


Please do not forget that Plextor besides making ODDs for PCs they also produce printing equipment (offset printers etc), listening stations for CD shops and digital recorder and playback units for vision impaired people. Most likely the professional use products are more the offset printers, laser marking systems and listening stations for CD shops from Plextor and not Computer peripherals. Also the professional CD-writers from Plextor where never sold to normal consumers.


Let’s hope this means we still can find Plex drives in the market - this meaning CD writes and DVD burners. And along that line that CDRW Premium II out of the list means it will continue to be available.


What is the best of the best Plextor Drives, CD Burner and DVD Burner? I want to know if I should save up for them or get a different Brand…