Plextor drive hangs all system

Few days ago, i made an upgrade in my computer:
Old P4P800 > P4C800-E Deluxe
Old PX708-A > PX712-A
2 more DDR-400 > Total 2GB DDR Dual CH LM

My complete PC now:

P4C800-E Deluxe
Intel P4 3.20E HT FSB 800
2 GB DDR-400 Dual CH Linear Mode
Seagate Barracuda 80GB ( primary master )
PX320-A ( primary slave )
PX712-A ( secondary master )
Seagate Barracuda 40GB ( secondary slave ) -> mobile rack
PX-40TS on adaptec card ( 2920 )
G-Force 5500 128

After that, i reinstalled my S.O.( W2K SP4 and all patches ) and all sfw, like AnyDVd, DVDCopy, Nero, Plextools 2.16, etc…
The first strange issue was my PX712-a not remains w/ burn-proof feature active in plextools after checked manually dozen of times. Some features sometimes apears and disapears ramdomly ( like gigarec, silent rec box ).
When i try using my PX320-A as reader and PX712-A as writer ( dvd2dvd on the fly ) all system hangs. Accessing only PX320-A to read someting ( DVD ), hangs again! Deactivating AnyDVD seems work ok, but not all the time.
I got all new firmare for my plex drives and now i have no idea what’s going on…
Any help?

(…and sorry my english :slight_smile: )


Have you updated your BIOS to the latest version?

My BIOS update made miracles on my system :wink:


Hi Mysterio,

Yep, i have all updated… I’ll try a downgrade for my 712A… maybe it work.
Thanks 4 your reply :slight_smile:

Best regards


Try reinstalling your burning software, sometimes it helps.
Intel Aplication Accelarator has helped me allot, i used to coast cd’s left and right all day with out it.