Plextor doesn't burn with DVD Shrink

I have a new system with a plextor 716A Ide DVD drive and a Plextor 716SA Dvd Drive. When using DVD Shrink the SATA Drive will not burn. It will go to the point where it says burning dvd and it is writing to cache and then it just stops. I have uninstalled the nvidia ide drivers as they were crashing my system. Any Ideas?

Did you try installing with windows ide drivers? I have heard of nvidia ide drivers causing problems on several occations. Does it do anything in particular when it stops? Does nero shut down, freeze up, give an error message?

DVDShrink is no burning app at all.

Use a proper burning app, try again and post the logfile here.
Also use good media.

I can burn a dvd with some mpegs I have recorded using roxio. I have nero installed and dvd shrink uses that. It just hangs write when it gets to the burning process. I have the windows ide drivers. I have two plextor drives one is the 716a (ide) and the other is 716sa (sata) I can use dvd shrink and it will burn to the 716A. Both drives will burn and extract other stuff like cds etc. Roxio will burn a dvd. I really need to get this working with dvdshrink. Thank you
PS You said to use good media. It is not even starting to burn. Just when it starts it stops. Maybe I should install a different version of nero.

I wonder if shrink doesn’t support sata? What are you trying to do and what version of nero do you have? Nero recode is very similar to shrink in some respects if shrink won’t work (in fact they were originally written by the same person). Will nero burn to the sata drive?

Please post more info about the media used or a Nero logfile (if you try to burn with Nero).

I fixed the problem. I downloaded an updated version of nero and now it works. Thanks,
I had version 6.3 and now I have 6.6. I didn’t even think it might be the software. I was assuming it was a sata problem.

It very well may have been a sata problem (the earlier version of nero might not have supported the sata drive where the newer version might have been updated to support it). I seem to remember hearing something about that.