Plextor ConvertX tv402u - Vista Incompatible :(



Damn. I jsut installed a newly purchased windows Vista Ultimate. It is SICK. But unfortunately there is no support for the Plextor ConvertX Capture device :frowning: Has anyone found a driver or work around to correct this issue?



According to the official support page there’s no Vista drivers available. Having said that it’s early days and some day it might become available although looking at that website the last update was Feb 2006.


Audio/Video is handled completely differently. You’re going to see other things that don’t work either. Did I hear “webcam”?


Man that’s terrible news :frowning: This is a solid capture device. I can’t believe they wouldn’t have the sense to prepare for something as big as a Vista release…


I just spoke to a plextor tech support guy and they don’t plan on ever putting out vista drivers for the convertx range of devices. And they don’t feel that they have too. According to them they never promised vista drivers and we’re all just out of luck.


Wow. Talk about horrible customer satisfaction standards and lack of product support. If I ran a corporation selling peripherals, and a new OS was due out by a company as popular and widespread in the PC market as Microsoft, no question I would have a set of drivers made up for it. What kind of company is this lol I would think it would be more important to keep your current customers satisfied, along with any new potential customers who may want to purchase my product, but can’t because the computer they just purchased came pre-installed with Vista.

Plextor really let me down this time. No more plextor products for me ever again!


That is appalling. I could understand if the product wasn’t being produced anymore, but these things can still be bought new.

It is really hard to make drivers? I don’t know, does anyone?


Hello :slight_smile:

I don’t know if it can help you, but you could try a virtual machine… google for “Microsoft Virtual PC 2007”, it is a free download… install that on Vista, and then create a virtual machine in it into which you can install Windows XP (or Linux or whatever you wish). It doesn’t support all hardware but your device might work - i for instance got my scanner working that way which is 7 years old and there’s no drivers for it for Vista either. if you still have your XP CD it only cost you an hour’s time to install it and a few 100 MB of hard drive space - if it doesn’t work, just delete the virtual machine file and you have that space back :slight_smile: It’s a lot easier than setting up a dual-boot system and safer too - even a virus can execute happily in the guest OS and you can watch it melt down your hard drive - it won’t destroy anything really as that is a virtual hard drive made of only a file, and if you have that backed up, you’ll be running again in a few seconds :slight_smile:

Even if your hardware does NOT work, it’s still a great way of still-using software that won’t work under Vista (various video converters!!!) I’m on Vista Ultimate too and baffled by just how much trouble there is with video codecs… however slap XP into a virtual machine and all your troubles in that respect are gone, you’re not watching or converting video all the time and if you do, just take an additional minute to boot XP right inside Vista and enjoy all codecs that you can find… just make sure you got enough RAM for the activity, and don’t run any CPU intensive tasks in Vista itself while being active in the guest OS. Great software that one, from Microsoft, and best of all, FREE.

Kind regards…



New ConvertX from Plextor:
Vista compatible :wink: