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Source: brennmeister

According to the Brennmeister site the USA website was hacked twice today. First the site was ‘defaced’ and the index page was replaced with a page from…

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I think this is lame. Plextor does nothing wrong! They make fantastic burners etc. etc. A lame action…


I have to agree. Plextor make awesome burners and their tech support is amazing.

Hack the sites of one of these rip off companies that make shit stuff and give no tech support for their crap after they make it.


i think that the guy who did this! owns a plextor. but he
cant burn copies…(too stupid)
got pissed off…
so he contacted plextor.
…kneus…thats all i can say…


This was pretty pointless and it did not prove anything.

Plextors are good burners but their support leaves something to hope for!!!

With the enquiry about their firmware I have tried to email them with a Technical question and I got shafted from country to country and region to region cause they could not be bothered to even look at the question, as soon as they see that the email address is from a diffrent region they would just pass the buck.
They finally pointed me to a distributer who would not have a clue Technically and was worried about how fast they can sell the new model and was trying to get me to by a newer model. Now that is not what I call support. My question was about their buggy firmware! and all I got was everyone passing the Buck!!! Don’t believe me, anyone can try this and find out for themselves.
I don’t agree with what has been done but I think they have brought this up on themselves.



First of all, this site is in English
And second, is that supposed to be Dutch???
And third, go back where you came from!


Well this guy has no grudge with Plextor for the following reasons:

  1. He doesnt Flame the company.
  2. Its more like hes advertising his site on what he thinks is a popular website therefore thinking he can get alot more people to visit his site.
  3. He even has a link that says “Click here to enter Plextors Website”. Whether it works or not is another story which we cant find out unless someone tried already.

But it was funny though…


so fucking what if plextor makes good burners… Microsoft makes windows for us all, and still they are hacked, who gives af flying fuck who makes what, the thing is that Plextor apparently ran their website on a MS based systen (WinNT) … and those guys (hackers) wanted to prove to the world that they could defeat their protection. now what boys? arent you all a bit lame? as Hypnosis said, YES it WAS fun! and we are all in it for the fun, or are some of you too greedy and demanding money for your stuff ? maybe thats why? you are selling the programs plextor have on their site, either way, shut the fuck up and enjoy … hackers are here to stay, and they rule… aslong as they stay away from im happy ;D heheheheheheheh…

You go hackers!
and the rest of you moaning sons of bitches, go buy some Neo-Looser-CDs and shut the fuck up!

Ding Dong signing off and on!


I completely agreed with PaRaDox;
Plextors are good burners but their support leaves something to hope for!!!
I asked them the same question and get the same lame answers as he did.


The a*****e who did that and caused trouble to so many people trying to reach Plextor was a complete jerk.
He wanted to make people go to his site which was full of porn banners and “please click my porn banners” and similar junk.
If you noticed, he is a greek and his site is hosted on a greek provider. His action was typical of g(ay)reek mentality.


Nice pussy


LOL !!! I own a plextor (pxw124ts) (but who doesent
:wink: !!! quite funny !!! LOL LOL LOL !!!



Good one…

And all you crying pussies go cry some more…

It’s only for fun…


go hack they have the worst computers and customer service i have expereinced yet.


they should hack microsoft some more for that fake monopoly that they are spreading get more game programmers to program in glib and to make it more easy to make a linux version so we can dump that M$ version (tribes 2 is programmed in glibc)


Muito bom essa gravadora !! Recomendado !!! :wink: