Plextor CD-R, Real TY?



ok found these on ebuyer, somebody mentions they are recognised as TY can anybody confirm they are legit?


The spindle in the pic is the famous TY cakebox, so I think it’s real.


thanks zevia i’ll stick an order in right away!


I have the same media from the same vendor. They are indeed TY media.


better option here


THere real.
ALL plextor retail recordable media is TAIYO YUDEN.(And good ones. Performing better as my verbatim TY media. !)
The only problem of Plextor branded media is there price.


These are cheap as chips (as quality media goes) £9.30 inc vat delivery is £2

ordered for next wednesday :slight_smile:


If you don’t mind the price the Plextor CD-R are a secure way to get unfaked TY. They also have a nice protecting surface like the Verbatim Datalife Crystals.


And great at picking up finger prints and any other bits of muck :slight_smile:


My TY cd-r’s didn’t pick up fingerprints (The verbatims do) the plextor top layer is more rough.


Used to buy these from Ebuyer long ago - then they were pricey so got unbranded from SVP - had more failures with the SVP ones (large percentage) than with any other media (almost 1 in 5 has some slowdown if not yellow sector) with a newish premium (which burns verb/tdk just fine). Not once, over many hundreds of these lovely topped TY Plextor branded media did I have any problems. The price seems great now too. Still, £0.18 / cdr, or £0.30 / Fuji Ty dvdr - I know what I now buy and burn.


i bought unbranded from SVP and and no problem with more than 300 burns with great burns.
plextor cds are the best of course :).

anyone have tryed those cds ? CD-R 80, Taiyo Yuden, Prism white plus. link


Plextor CD-R media are genuine TY and Plextor is a big company, so you can trust it


has ebuyer gone tits up? looks like i should have received my order a while ago, quite a while ago infact :slight_smile:


Just remember this isnt allways true :wink: