Plextor CD burning issue



I recently purchased a Plextor PX-716A burner. I installed the latest firmware, version 1.06, and Plextools 2.21. Everything seemed to be working fine until I burned my first CD. I chose a blank CD with a 700MB capacity. The size of the file that I was burning was 691MB. I used the Roxio software that came with the drive. I burned the disk just fine and I could read it in the Plextor drive. But the disk was not recognized by my Pioneer DVR-A08 CDDVD burner nor my son’s LiteOn CDDVD burner (both 16X DVD burners).

I then decided to burn the same information using the Pioneer. The result of this test was a CD that all three burners recognized immediately. What is the problem with the Plextor?

I have made no adjustment in PlexTools. Everything is at factory defaults to my knowledge.


what brand was the cd media?


Media is Digital Research, 32X

Perhaps I should try a brand name?


yes, try TDK or Verbatim


Will do.