Plextor Bug when CD copying

Burner: Plextor Premium USB
Software: Plextools Prof.
Firmware: Latest
Windows 2000 SP4

When copying CDR(W)s the burner does nor write faster than the media, which are to be copied.
For example: I want to copy a CDRW 1-4x.
When setting the parameters before starting the copying process, I cannot chose a faster writing speed than 4x (because the CDRW I want to copy allows only 4x!!)
When the CDRW is read and a put in the source CDR, I can chose the writing speed. But whatever I chose, it will be ignored when writing, its always 4x)
(the problem is generally, that all writing speeds are ignored, only the speed which I set at the beginning of the copy process will be used)

When copying CDRs, it is not a tragedy, because in this case I can chose between 4,8,16 or more, because the media I want to copy (!!!) allow these writing speeds.

Quite crazy bug!

I don’t think it’s a bug. IIRC there was a change in RW-materials: below 4x and above 4x. The necessary writing techniques are incompatible (and even seem to be mutual exclusive) so that very old RW writers can’t write 4x-10x (or higher) media.

The Plex Premium as one of the latest RW drives only supports 4x as lowest speed and can’t get lower (due to these different types, I think). If your medium is quite old, it supports 1x-4x. What else should the burner choose than the only match 4x?

But perhaps I got you wrong and you meant that the reading (not writing) speed is always 4x? Try to copy with image and not on the fly. What happens then?


No, what I mean is:

I have a source CD (which I want to copy, ie has to be read) and a target CD (which has to be written.

The drive will not burn faster as the source CD allows (although the source CD is irrelevant for the copy speed).
If the source CD is a CDRW 4x, I can read it as fast as I want, but it will not burn the target CDR in faster than 4x (no matter which target CDR I use).

Hm, how does your burner know, what type of media in the other drive is? This is strange but I’d say by no means firmware related. It may be Plextools related, but I think I can’t help you more here. Is this only with Plextools or with all burning softwares?


Did you try writing first to image and then from the image to the CD-R?