Plextor brand will be no longer sold to consumers



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no, no, no. :sad:

i wanna have a hd-dvd and a blue-ray burner made by plextor! :frowning:


This news isn’t unexpected. The quality of their recent drives has fallen to the same level as their Taiwanese/Chinese competitors; in fact, the last drives with the Plextor name are simply rebadges of existing Taiwanese-designed drives. Not worth anywhere near their premium prices, IMHO.


I guess thats the end of firmware support for the 760A.:doh:


Time to get a 760 :bigsmile: - what’s the latest TLA#?


I would guess this is the end for Plextools also, with V3.12 being the last. For Plextools Pro XL.:doh:


What a pity.

@Cressida: YSS reported #0104 some time ago: I’d guess there is nothing much newer.

@alan1476: We might see support for some months to come. However I guess there’ll be nothing to hold once breath for. Since every actual version of PT seems to have some issue or another i hope they’ll give us at least a cleanup-release to fix those bugs.


I have expected this to happen sooner or later.
After rumors of them discontinuing their media business and the mass relabeling of BenQ drives, this was not much of a surprise.
Still, I think it is the time to get a Plextor drive now, if I ever want to have one. Should I get the 712SA (@ nForce 4 Board), 716A or 760A? I have found all of those in smaller shops in my area.


The end of a mythos.:sad:


The end of the shadow of the myth. Logically.


This news really doesn’t come as a surprise, although it still is a real pity. Plextor gaves us quite a few true innovations and excellent drives in all these years, especially some legendary CD burners (Plextor Premium) and readers (old SCSI readers that still can read most copy protected audio CDs). Plextor never really managed to regain their outstanding position with their DVD burners, as the competition got better while their products got worse, making it harder even for the most loyal Plextor fans to justify the steep prices.

After BenQ, the industry loses another innovative company, so it is sad news for all of us enthusiasts. I really hope that my Plextor Premium won’t die on my anytime soon (I still use it for most of my CD burns), there simply is no drive of similar quality on the market anymore.

R.I.P. Plextor and BenQ.


Very sad news …


P.S.: No more Plextor products includes Plextor media. This means that for us Europeans and North Americans, there is no (semi-official) Taiyo Yuden only brand anymore. So it’s either unbranded discs, or searching for the “Made in Japan” sticker on Verbatim, Sony, TDK etc. discs…


[B]packetloss[/B], I doubt that Plextor media was ever sold in North America.
But don’t worry, I’m sure that, one way or another, Taiyo Yuden media will find its way to shops’ shelves again.
In Greece, there’s always [B]That’s[/B] media for the rescue of the TY-addicted :wink:
And in Spain, there’s Miflop, if I remember correctly.


Quick Google search:

They did have Plextor media in the US as well, but yes, in Europe Plextor sold a lot more.


Sad news!:sad:Seems the writing has been on the wall for a while now though. One would think Plextor will continue to support their current drives. Probably didn’t make much business sense to get into the Blu Ray market. I don’t even want to think what a real Plextor made Blu Ray drive would cost.:disagree:


Which last drives do you refer to?


The last drives were the 755 and 760, which were Plextor-designed drives.
But I think RJL65 was thinking about the 740 and 750. The 740 was a BenQ 1640 while the 750 was a BenQ DQ60 (also known as TEAC DV-W516E).


I wouldn’t get the 712SA unless it’s super cheap and you’ve found confirmation that it works with your nForce4 SLI “Intel Edition”. As for the others, you know I’m partial to the 716 since it doesn’t burn with OPC spikes and I’m not too concerned about high speed burning, but the 760 would probably be a better collectors item, being Plex’s swan song effort.

This story reminds me of Yamaha back in CD-RW days. Still feels good to have an F1 even if you don’t need it. :wink:


I have to do further testing (see the 760 review thread) but so far i’m under the impression that FW 1.06 has (partially) cured the spikes issue.