Plextor blanks always Tayo Yuden?

Are Plextor DVD+/-Rs always Tayo Yuden no matter where they are sold?
I’m asking this because I live in Germany and one of my local shops sells Plextor DVD+Rs. That’s 25 DVDs per spindle and they cost 30 euro (twice as much as 25 BenQs). Here is a photo of the spindle on the store’s website:

Assuming the picture is really what they sell, these are Taiyos. :iagree: (I can tell from the shape of the cakebox :wink: ).

About Plextor as a brand in general, until now they’ve only be selling excellent media, and it’s about the ONLY widely-spread consumer brand that I would 100% trust with the quality of the product they offer, I mean I could buy Plextor-branded discs without even looking at the MID (and this comes from a paranoid buyer :wink: LOL). Maybe this will change in the future, though.

I have no clue as to how they can offer premium-grade TY at a lower price than the unbranded ones (at least here in Europe) but they’ve constantly been rated as the best TY discs available.

All recordables from plextor that have been there for the retail market were TY.

Do you mean actually this price mentioned here for 30 eur?
If so, the unbranded TYs are much cheaper than these plextor branded Yudens.
Also i had variations in quality with plextor spindles, where i thought better i had bought unbranded TY. Personally i think “premium” is relative.

So it appears that TY media can be found cheaper. I exclude online shops for my own reasons. The available DVD+/-R brands are: BenQ, Intenso, Plextor, Primeon, Verbatim, Memorex and Ricoh (DL media only).
I know that quality could be quite relative because it depends on the manufacturer but which of these brands would you advise on? Which are a safe buy and maitain decent/good quality. If I exclude Plextor, which would be the second best brand? I suppose Memorex or Verbatim?

Of course not :doh: - didn’t actually notice the price :o - this is very expensive. I can get a 50-discs spindle of T03 Plextors for 26 euros!!

@Raziel_BG: the online store you link to seems awfully expensive. :eek:

Here are much better alternatives for delivery to Germany: (fantastic customer service)

Not Memorex. Verbatim only, and avoid the “Pearl White” models. :wink:

OK, thanks for the fast replies. I mentioned Memorex since I thought they’re better than that Primeon and Intenso crap. How about Sony media? Decent?
Actually the site I mentioned is NOT an online store, it’s the website of one the bigger computer component stores in Germany. I just check product availability and prices there, before buying.

Sony 8x and 16x media is decent to very good. I have never tried the +Rs, but the 8x DVD-R (SONY08D1) and 16x DVD-R (SONY16D1) have been good to me. They can be made in Taiwan or Japan.

As brands I would recommend Verbatim or Plextor.

Yeah memorex is better as primeon (with there MAM stuff) or Intenso(with there must/Fake TY/Infodisc or whatever suff it most time sucks. Yeah the MBIL disc’s were ok but that’s a exception !)

Sony is ok.(Can be made austria(KDG/SONY),japan (SONY) or taiwan (daxon/Leaddata))

Well that’s what i guess. :wink: