Plextor bitsetting please reply

hey everybody, Im looking to change the bittsetting of my dvd+r’s to dvd-rom with plextools. Can somebody please tell me how this is done. by the way I have a px 712 drive. please reply. thanks.

drive settings > advanced > check box for changing book type for DVD+R and +R DL at the bottom.

I tried to do what you said in the last post but I couldnt find it. I have a plextor px 712. Is it possible to change bitsetting with this drive?? Can you give please tell me more about this. please reply. thanks.

You can check nero’s bitsetting option, under recorder options :slight_smile:

but the problem is is I dont have nero to work with. Is there any other way anybody else can think of??? thanks

what firmware? update to the latest if not already. i don’t have a 712, but im fairly positive it can bitset via plextools. you can use the latest version of ‘dvd decryptor’ and set booktype on plextor drives with that.

whats the latest version of decryptor?? I looked under booktype on decrytor and couldnt find “plextor” I could only find only other drives like liteon. Could a plextor drive be possibly labeled as something other than “plextor?” thanks.

the lastest version of DVD Decryptor can be found here:

the latest version added Plextor bitsetting support.

i’m not sure why you can’t bitset in Plextools (do you have Plextools 2.19a…i.e. the latest?).

I just downloaded the latest version of decryptor and tried to change the bitsetting and under current settings I tried to change it and it said unknown: (FAILED). So I dont know what to do. I also was going to download the latest version of plextools and it gave me an error message right when I started downloading it. So i dont know what to do.

Make sure you have the latest version of plextools from . The older versions do not have this option.

Also make sure your drive has the latest firmware. Older firmwares cannot change the bitsetting option.

Only when both of these conditions are true will you be able to use the bitsetting option on plextools.

where can I get a firmware update??

Firmware is posted on Plextors website. Check in the plextor forum on CDFreaks
for other firmware mods.