Plextor bios update error

i have a brandnew plexwriter 48/24/48A (PX -W4824TA).

After updating the firmware by flashing the bios i now get the
following error:

After clicking the burn button (to start burning cd) i get the
message : “cannot connect TRF”. and in another window it states
“not enough memory”.

before the update the writer was ok. i have also tried reinstalling
a previous firmwarerevision. i went from 1.04 to 1.01

I have reinstalled windows, nero, erverything !

PLEASE HELP , anybody know how to solve this ??

amd 366 k6-2
Quantum bigfoot 4,3 GB (master 1)
Nero (master 2)
CD 50X (Slave 1)
MOBO VXPRO-II with VIA Chipset
SIS 6215C video
AWE 64 Soundcard

Read this plextor firmware