Plextor announces Legendary drives competition - get your old drive!

Plextor announces Legendary drives competition - get your old drive!.

[newsimage][/newsimage]Plextor has started a Facebook competition around their legendary optical drives.

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I’ve never owned a Plextor drive in my life, hence there’s no way I could ever enter this contest. Oh well…

I would like to offer my congrats to whoever wins this contest. May the force be with you…

I may have a Plextor SCSI drive around somewhere.

I had a 12x cd-r drive back when they were popular and a multiple of what blu ray burners are today $$. Sad really, as the rate of innovation has declined with all media, hard drives included.

I don’t remember if it died or I just discarded it-- I’ll have to look again… IIRC there were not many firmware updates for that drive. I know an old Memorex 2x definitely bit the dust though after like 400+ burns. Given how expensive media was – that was an accomplishment in itself. Definitely worth it for converting analog audio tapes to CD-Audio at the time. Still have those, and still PLAY just as good :))

I have a few Plextors in the closet, 716s and 740s, plus a few others, but I haven’t had them installed in years. Most are EIDE.

Plextor Premium 1st generation and a Plextor PX-40 TSI / Ultraplex 40 still around here…but during all those years the front bezels slowly turned into another color,instead of white…:bigsmile:
So,still not decided if I should post a picture of them on Plextor’s facebook,as I’m pretty shure that no1 is interested to see how ugly they became…:cool:

I wonder if I still have my Ultraplex32 SCSI drive. But then I don’t have Facebook and cannot participate anyway.

I wouldn’t give two flips for the SSD. I’d much rather get a baker’s dozen of their IDE models.

So what is required to win? Anybody can post a picture of their drive…
Proof of purchase, a serial number?