Plextor announces external version of PX-716A, the PX-716UF

I just posted the article Plextor announces external version of PX-716A, the PX-716UF.

 Plextor  Europe has just sent us a press release in which they announce the external version of  their previously  announced PX-716A dual layer recorder. Of course, this external version,  model...
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:d Give me a good reason to buy this drive? Will I be able to back-up safe-disc >3, star-force>3, securom >5, Targes> etc.

Why would you buy a dvd burner to backup games?

:wink: more and more games is coming on dvd ( Far cry, Unreal 2004, Doom)

The px-712 did very well in backup copy protected games, hopefully this one will too :slight_smile: - Plextor powaahh :X

How and with what do you backup games then?? In the oven?

Why would you spend so much money on a drive like this to backup games when you can buy a cheap liteon cd burner to do the job? People buy this kind of drive for its ability to handle the dvd formats. Even if more games are being released on dvd then you wouldn’t buy this relatively expensive external drive to do it :B