Plextor announces 18x DVD burner with 10x DVD+R DL writing

I just posted the article Plextor announces 18x DVD burner with 10x DVD+R DL writing.

 Big thanks to  club CDFreaks members hwp and yangxi for posting  information about the new Plextor PX-760A DVD burner. This new offering from Plextor is capable of an ...
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Man i don’t even want to look at the Read Error Scans after going those Speeds.

Only Verbatim (MCC) is supported at 18x.

one type of media … LOL - wonder what powerrec would do to this :stuck_out_tongue: - kick it back to 16 :b:B:B I wonder if the TE/FE will hold up at the end … and evn with the advances in disc tilt management … will that be good enough…?

Taiyo Yuden, not MCC, is recommended at 18x according to So more media might be supported at 18x but not recommended.
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Great, a drive that is some seconds faster than all others :+

Oh boy, this should be fun seeing how much trouble they had with 716. Anyone wants to guess how many revisions they’ll need to get this stable? And seeing how plextor drives starting with PX Premium always throttled speed down at the end, this 18x is more of a marketing feature and you will never reach full speed w/o disabling powerec. PS kind of interesting that they didn’t go with 718 with this new drive, I suppose they didn’t want people thinking 740 is a better all-around drive :smiley:

It’s great news, finally this one probably will reach the 16x writting speed, hehe…:r And is it just another OEM drive “borrowed” from someone else, as seems Plextor forgot how to make a reliable drive a long long time ago.:B

The 760 looks like Plextor´s own design, the 750 like a Benq

Honestly, seems to me like this is marketing crap. I remember those 54X or 56X CD Readers from Mitsumi…

I see by the specs, that it only has 2mb of cache. I hope the European and US release has it bumped up to 8mb.

Based on the track record of the PX-716A, I wouldn’t even consider the 760 until at LEAST the third hardware revision. Even after TLA 03xx…the 716A is very problematic.

You’d think Plextor would have learned their lesson and just released a PX-716A PREMIUM or something. This 18x drive seems to indicate that Plextor is more about marketing now then quality…

What do you mean they are more about marketing now? What was that with intorducing the first 8x burner (even introducing overspeed burning by that way) or introducing the first 12x burner? Wasn’t that marketing too? :wink:

seems like 750a is lg 4167b oem for 760a, well, the plextor claims that they got the new opc which is designed for writing quality. + 2nd gen augostrategy + cd-mrw + dvd-mrw 760a reading speed seems slower than 716a i thought next plextor drive would be hd-dvd compatable i wonder i would kick myself buying this drive after disk quality scan :wink:

They talk, they talk, but it`s good to be talked than forgeted:p Let´s hear the first tests folks:X:S

That’s a good point already. lets see the tests Meanwhile, with Hd and 16x DVD-RAM around the corner there are some reasons to give an opinion about drives due to be in “the japanese market” by the end of 2005 - mid NOv for the 760 and Dec for the 750. And Plextor had the 605 with RAM support (cartridge type not the bare type like the 750) for sale in japan and we never saw it in Europe and guess in the States. Will they do the same now? Maybe not as other are coming to the mkt with RAM support .

No one’s excited about the 10x dual-layer?

What good is 10X dual-layer if the quality is not good? (this I got to see). And 18X single-layer? Sound great on one hand, but why do I think it will be buggy / have low quality? I still find 8X to be the perfect blend of speed and quality.

burning 16x is so damn slow… finally 18x is coming out…