Plextor announce 12/10/32 Ultra SCSI

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So what’s new to the PX-W1210TS/BS?

  • Ultra SCSI interface
  • The drive comes with 4MB of buffer, doubling it from PX-W1210A.
  • The drive now supports an…
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Cool - bit expensive for me though, but i’m sure i can afford it,… when i cut back other expenses. Lucky theres no petrol ere, i can use that money to get the writer!

I’m going to cry. This isn’t fair. I just got my 12/4/32 a couple of months ago and the 4x RW pisses me off!! I WANT THIS DRIVE!!! but I cant afford it.

Anyone want to buy it for me as an X-mas present? )

it’s mine !!

This has got to be THE unit to have. Where can I actually purchase this if it is only available in Japan? Please link me to a retailer that will ship to me in the U.S.A. Thnx ever so much!!

Talk about some seroius ass kicking PLEXTOR style !!!
Time to upgrade my
Plextor PXR-820T, cost is no problem. I can handle living on McDonald for a while till this is paid off.

Yup agree with you there PaRaDox, we all have been down that road! Putting our food on a backburner so we can have our toys. I just bought a 19" Sony Trinitron £480, it rocks! Also have the new ASUS A7V motherboard and a 800Mhz Thunderbird. oh yeah a Plextor 12/4/32 SCSI(suits me) I think I have an average system. he he, 2 7200rpm 20gig drives, Geforce 2 GTSm 192meg of mem, and a poxy 56k modem :-0(

I currently have the Plex 12/4/32. I already expected problems with 2MB/IDE cuz most programs don’t support BURN-proof yet. Now, even if they don’t support burnproof, it still will be very stable for 12x writing, just like mine.

This drive is definetly veeery good.

I got the 12/10/32 IDE and I only can rw at 2 speed bcoz the princo’s I bought are 2 speed (I think) Nero just burns at 2 speed while when I would put another CDR in, it will go at 12 speed. This sux bcoz I got a f#cking 50 pieces of these rewritables… Anyone interested maybe?

hey u guys at cdfreaks… u got any info about the rumor that plex is releasing a 16x16x48 drive? please tell us
else we go get the 12/10/32TS :]

hey u guys at cdfreaks… u got any info about the rumor that plex is releasing a 16x16x48 drive? please tell us
else we go get the 12/10/32TS :]

uhmm forgot to say that the rumor said it would be released december2k/january2001
uhmmm just wondering let us know ok

I like your system interceptor, pretty hardcore!
mine is a bit similar,

  • 17"LG Flatron Monitor
  • Full tower inwin case
  • PIII 800E Coppermine
  • Kingston 512 MB RAM
  • 3 x 30 GB Quatom LM 7200rpm
  • Adaptec 2940U SCSI card
  • Asus Raid controller
  • Sony CDU 4811 48X reader
  • Plextor PXR-820 writer
  • Pioneer 16X DVD-115
  • Hollywood II decoder
  • Winfast TV tuner
  • SB Live Platinum
  • Asus v-7700 GF2-GTS 64MB
  • Razer Boom slang Mouse
  • 1 X set Cambridge Surround spks & Sub
  • 1 x Altec lansing Surround Spks & Sub

and as you have put it so well a poxy USB Netcomm Roadster 56K Modem, can’t wait for the cable!

The system is OK for now who knows, if I am lucky it still would be up to date for a few months, until we go thru the whole lot all over again!

I have the ide version with burnproof-it is excellent-but does burnproof only work when copying discs on the fly.As I can’t get it to work any other way.