Plextor and Windows Vista


A rookie here :slight_smile:

I just installed Vista ultimate x64 via DVD on my Plextor PX-740A ATA, shortly after the installation the DVD drive was unavailable…? :confused:
When I check the device manager I can see that it claims:
“Windows cannot load the device driver for this hardware. The driver may be corrupted or missing. (Code 39)” and an exclamation mark on it…?

In BIOS it is available, I have tried:
-Reinstall it
-Change IDE port on the motherboard
-Update the firmware (can’t be done since it can’t find the drive)

anyone out there that can help me with this. I’m lost and without the DVD the PC is no fun anymore… :sad:

Have a good weekend all of you.

C ya!

Strange thing the one you report, as by the time of “XP age” DVD drives wouldn’t need any specific driver other the one of the operating system itself.
When I bought a NEC 4551A it came with no drives and had a small piece of paper stating that the O/S was supposed to give native support to the device.
If Vista requires such a thing it will be a big step back!

I don’t know if you’ve installed any software yet on this clean install, but you might like to try deleting your upper/lower filters.

However, do note that these instructions from M$ are for XP, don’t know if the registry entries are the same with Vista.

Hope it helps. :slight_smile:


I just found out that it is AnyDVD that cause the error, I use version 6090 and once installed it mess up the DVD drive?? If I uninstall AnyDVD then it works again??

Any Ideas how to get around this?

So long

Vista is too new, but if you know a aprticular software causes a problem I think you have just 2 ways (1) find a solution for the conflict - if someone or the software producers (both O/S and/or program) and (2) uninstall it - ckeck if is ok and if not search for things left or if there is some “cleaner” around - both Roxio and Nero have for their programs and previous O/Ss.
Microsoft uses to take time to solve this kind of conflicts.
Good luck