Plextor and Safedisk2

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QuickJack sent in this interesting piece of info that he recieved from the plextor support team. Take a look…

This is from the Plextor Support Team

The problem is that all forms of copy…

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I still have bought my last Plextor drive…I flashed 1.04 firmware into my 124ts, and suddenly I could copy SD2 games. :slight_smile:

which program is the best with dumping games proteced by sd2…??

Question: is it possible to use firmware 1.04 for my plex 1210S.

The big question is: Will CloneCD or the everlasting “upcoming” version of DiscDump handle this SD2 problem ? I have a 16/10/40a plextor and I’m waiting … :d

Would the guy with the Plextor 124Ts who flashed his drive down to firmware 1.04 that could copy RA2 please e-mail me a copy of the firmware as I dont have that one. THANKS

For any plex firmware update go to :8

I believe that it is basically imposible for software to solve this problem as it occurs just before the laser writes the data, well after the software has any control over what is being written. Therfor the only solution is new firmware(or old as the case maybe) or a phillips based drive.

Just to confirm, Clone CD will not be able to copy SD2 titles unless you have phillips or fujitsu bassed hardware. its the same story with all CDR programs. :c

Does anyone have the 104 firmware fr the 1210A?? please email! plextor has taken them down!

Just download it here :wink:

Hello, Would anyone who still has the old 1.04 firmware for the Plextor 12/4/32S please email me a copy at ? THANK YOU!!!