Plextor and SafeDisc 2: Conclusion

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It’s time to wrap this case up before it becomes an endless discussion. It seems not everyone is able to read. Plextor has never ever said they support RAW write, and never said they will stop…

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:slight_smile: First of all, I don’t have Plextor CD-Drive so I can’t garrentee (I’m not sure is it written that way :+) the things I’m saying but, I would have bought Plextor if it would have been sale when I bought my HP. Plextor makes good drives, there are many things that have made me thinking that should I sell my HP, and buy Plextor but, for the moment I still have my HP and I’m almoust sure that I’ll keep it. DoMiN8ToR must have had worked for his text, so make everyone a favor and don’t write anything stupid or inpolite, Some of you may think that whats the point in my text, and here it is, cause there was text that was good and I liked it, I was have to say something. :8 So don’t write anything if you don’t have anything to say!

well, like someone said in the previous discusion, when the hardware is able to do it it should be an option, otherwise its crap:)(and I’m pretty sure the hardware supports it) besides, you can still copy audio cds with it and do tons of illegal things, I can even use it to kill someone ! :4 so not supporting raw because they asociated that with illegal copying is a very lame excuse ! And to be honest I dont give a fuck about there <“morals”> and if they dont support raw I will look for another drive that does. And for the record, I dont think such comanies have morals, money is all there is to it !!! they’re getting obvious more money by not supporting raw…

when i first heard the rumors about SD2 stuff and plextor, i didn’t believe it. But after a while, all the stories, the firmware deleted from and so on, made me believe it was true! But now i’m back to normal again. Plextor produces quality drives and that it! I bought the 16x version when the rumors were going on, i don’t care about SD2 so for me it was an easy choice (since it does support raw-writing…) ps. i don’t think i used my best english, but you’ll get it:)

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i must say i’m very pleassed with my plex 1210TS, and i’m only gonna buy a new drive when the 16x, or 20x speed plex SCSI is awailable! plex still make very good drives, and it’s not only plex that can’t copy SD2! only a few drives are able to make perfect copies of SD2 Plex still makes some of the best drives(im still impressed by lite on though) my humble opinion :slight_smile:

Plextor was the number 1 . But now with this (Safedisc 2) lost a lot of users :frowning: I hope Plextor changes :7

hmmmm well I don’t car if raw or safedisk 2 copying is supposrted but I do care if it works…!! Can someone tell me if it is possible to do this with the current Plextor drives and if not are there other drives that do support this ?? Cheers Chris

Looks like only the people with a SCSI Plex can do RAW writing. Can anyone tell me otherwise ??

I’m still unconvinced. Having said that though, like I said on an earlier posting, for everything other than this, my 124TSi is a great drive. few coasters except when my system has been up for 4 days or so or I’m trying to play a game at the same time. They do make good drives and no one ever disputed this, what was questioned was whether they were putting us second and the software companies first. Even if this wasn’t the case, I still think this whole thing was a good thing, it really made them realise that we, the consumers had to always be put first, and also, it’ll make sure that in future they dont use any chips with inferior features. They will stick to what they always planned to do: make the best drives with the very best pieces. It was a good reminder for them to just keep on their feet and to triple check all parts they use on their system. And if Plextor is reading this:

“Yo - My 124TSi rocks but the 4x RW speed is annoying as hell and means I never use this feature, How’d you fancy giving me a free upgrade for the sake of some great PR? :)”

I have a Plextor drive and I’ve never burned a “coaster” with it. I’ve copied a lot of CDs (audio, games, software) and it always worked ok. Plextor drives are great. I will keep on buying drives from them. Be Happy.

Right On, DoMiN8ToR!! Very well put. I have 3 Scsi Plextors. I luv 'em.

Wel I’m happy with my plextor 1610. He gives constant underruns at 16*. And I don’t know what those letters mean on the end. But It writes and thats what counts.

Hey domin8tor I agree with all of your points apart from the first one. The fact is we are never going to know exactly what happened, it is obvious that plextor knew when they were realsing that firmware that it would not perform RAW writing (because I quote “can you imagine how much time Plextor spend on quality tests”) It was also very sucipicous how it was realised nicely before the arrival of SafeDisc 2, and just long enough so that most people would have upgraded. What exactly went on I don’t know and can only guess. The rumour of it being Sanyos fault is rubbish because it works on the old firmware and so is NOT a hardware limitation (at least on that particular model, but of course is on others) because the hardware was capable before. The bottom line is Plextor realised a new firmware which STOPPED the drive being able to copy SafeDisc 2, and I doubt they didn’t know this. So they changed something so it would no longer work, whether they meant to is another matter, but they knew about it and they didn’t fix it so it would work. And they of course know that a lot of people use RAW writing and would have fixed the problem, but for some reason they didn’t…

I don’t know what all the fuss is about. I think you just like to type the word RAW. My Plex 12/10a hasn’t made a coaster yet… course I don’t use easy cd creator anymore either :slight_smile:

I really don’t care if Plextor officially supports RAW or not. I only care if the drive can copy SD2 protected games and all other standard protections. If I spend $200 on a Plextor Drive, I expect to be able to backup all my software regardless of copy protection. Hopefully, the problem can be fixed in a firmware update from Plextor. There is no way in hell any of us should have to buy a future Plextor drive just to do what our existing drive should already do. Safedisc 2 is becoming the protection of choice these days. If we stick with Plextor, we won’t be able to back up anything. We can only hope that Plextor releases a new firmware that resolves the issue. If Plextor can do that, they will win back alot of customers and gain many new ones. Don’t let us down Plextor!!!

I bought my 1st PLextor after owing an HP 8100 and an HP 9100… If I knew then what I know now I would of probably bought a yamaha or philips drive… Unless they resolve this issue with a firmware update Im gonna auction my PLextor 161040a and buy a Teac, Philips or Yamaha burner… Im disappointed in PLextor…


I do not care what is Plextors official opinion. If their drives cannot do RAW, we won’t buy them. It is as simple as that.

You kids are a trip. All this talk but alas nothing happens. This issue was dead before it started. But CDFreaks(which I look forward to everyday) continues to fuel the fire… whatever.