Plextor and copy protections again... *updated*

I just posted the article Plextor and copy protections again… updated.

CDRInfo.COM Forum has posted some interesting info on the new Plextor PX-W2410A. It seems that there’s a new hardware revision of this burner out now (TLA#0101 and TLA#0100) which do not copy certain…

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But it still copies SafeDisc 2 fine? I mean, what discs use Cactus as protection? Cuz I have never run into one myself! :slight_smile:

Cactus Data shield is protection for audio CD. It has been said lately that the RIAA is attempting to get cooperation from hardware manufacturers (ie. soundcards) to help fight against copying audio CD! Why not CD-R manufacturers too? Sounds like just the beginning to me! I don’t believe this is a coincidence!

Ehm, nice to hear this, but another question, how do i know which version of the plextor i am using?

Just a lame action of plextor to do that. time to buy the PX-W2410A TLA#0000 then before its out of roulation or solded out.

Dammit. I just recieved my writer :(. Its TLA#0100. It was produced in August. Anyways how many cactus cds are there out there??

Well, first of all I’m really pissed, since i bought my PX-W2410A last wednesday and guess what it was a TLA # 0100 :frowning: Plextor says according to that the drive support CD-DA. Well it doesn’t, cause if it did it would play every audio disc. Why don’t plextor make the drive able to play and thereby comply with any of all the colorfull books, red, orange, white you name it :slight_smile: so it is able to do so. Eg. make it possible to choose which mode the drive should be in like CD-DA(udio), then (maybe make it up to the user to) choose that mode that complies with that book. Well I guess you get the idea. So it is possible to play and extract the music as it is legal in some European countries like Denmark if you own the org. disc! I hope not that we are going to fix our drives like the dvd-drives with mode-chips etc. in the future! :frowning: I just hope my plexie will be able to copy anything soon again! Btw. thanks for a great forum!!!

Is someone going to ask Plextor for a comment again?

Is this news reliable? And is there any good proof? Don’t believe anything unless there are many people who actually fail to copy such protected discs with TLA#0100 & 0101 and announces the results. By the way, we all have read the review from CDRinfo regarding LITEON 24102B compared to PLEXTORW 2410A, LiteOn is better! By observing on the forum link, and other links, there are’t enough proves yet… We will just have to wait and find out!

plextor says it does not work together with copy protection firms , it says it aims to make the best cdwriters on the market , but they’d better start making scsi drives again

I got a TLA#0001 does this thing really have the problem? :c I know that it copies any safedisc or PS2/PS1 game no problems :9

I just brought the LiteOn 24102B and guess what. The LiteOn is just as bad, it can write but cannot read safedisc protected CDs - because it doesn’t implement ignore read errors/set retry count in hardware like the Plextor does.

I already mailed Plextor about this before G@M3FR3@K posted this, I’m almost sure there is a logical explantion for this again, like all the other stuff that came up till now. Just like BlackWolf said, please wait before you make your conclusions, we will need to verify this first… It’s all rumors for now

OK Guys, The ePlexParty is over -> fuck it!:frowning:

If you get the latest firmware for the Liteon it improves the reading ability no end. It’s the ulitmate drive at the ultimate price as far as I can see. Ally

Sorry TH7 but you are wrong about the Lite on. It can read and write safedisk 2 just fine. Reads a safedisk 2 cd in about 10 minutes with CD Mate.

That’s bullsh*t. Plextor needs to stay a Cdr ,manufacture & not an RIAA police agent - wonder how much they got paid for this compromise - they are gonna die a slow but sure death.

Anyone can tell me where to get the liteon24x firmware, the web site download is broken and I dont wanna get a shock with this firmware update from liteon. I mean if these guys are trying to do this as well. Oh I live in Australia. I ordered liteon LTR-24102 unfortunately the wholesaler does not know LTR-24102(B or I). So should Iget this drive?

Are we going to ban this product now?

You guys will beleive anything. This “new” conspiracy theory is just as false as the Plextor 121032 firmware “conspiracy” was. I’m laughing at you guys. How about not banning the product and closing this thread instead.