Plextor and copy protections again Part II



I just posted the article Plextor and copy protections again Part II.

I’ve contacted Plextor about the Cactus Shield copy problems. Plextor said they are investigating the problems with this new audio CD protection. One of the problems with investigating this is that…

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Plextor still rules!


Thanks for clearing it up, DoMi! (and Plextor of course ;))


Plextor Rules


Damn, I should have brought the Plextor 24x instead of the LiteOn. To all those people who says it can read safedisc - bullshit - I have a LiteOn and new firmware S507 and it certainly does not read safedisc like Plextor does - RedAlert 2. It takes around 1 hour or so to read the CD. Plextor with Fast Error Skip takes 5 mins.


I used a Liteon 24x to make a Red Alert 2, and it certainly didn’t take 1 hour. I would check your config m8. I also tested it with max payne, no problems there either…As far as I can see, it’s a top notch drive.


I used a Lite-on 24x to make a copy of Max Payne and it read the disk in 11 minutes using CD Mate.Reckon you got something wrong with your set up.


Plextor is THE BEST :slight_smile:


I think, by words of CDRInfo, should be very effective by moving people. Please read the reviews from about these 2 drives. Compare them yourself. LiteOn LTR-24102B Plextor PX-W2410A Hey, don’t be offended… as long as everyone here makes a perfect working copy with either of the drive above!! It’s all good, don’t you think so? :slight_smile:


Hey DoMiN8ToR, thanks for clearing that up. I had a feeling you would contact them and find out if this was true or not…


I reckon Plextor should hook up Domin8tor with free drives cause he always goes out his way to clear stuff up when they’re getting badmouthed. They are a great company, the only complaint I have about them which is a fairly big one but totally not their fault is the fact they’ve stopped making SCSI drives. For those of you that blame them, if you dont actually have a SCSI drive yourself then kick yourself up the butt cause it’s lack of people buying them that caused them to stop making them. SCSI forever!!


So DoM and guys do you think that it is safe to get the PlexWriter PX-W2410A TLA#0100 (as it is the only one I can get here in Australia) to backup CDS-100/200? I mean is there no differance as far as performance compared with TLA#0000 and TLA#0100???


WEll I am sticking with my SCSI Plextor 121032 drive so fuck you all. Plextor rules, fuck IDE, it has major overheads on the cpu, you no that already though right? :8 no offence to the moderators or admins. I am still recovering from my bad experience in the USA, and I have been up all night trying to figure y I cant get my sony wega 100hz widescreen tv to give me a full screen pic when used with an LG3350E, I get nice pretty boarders top and bottom, that really sucks, if I wanted boarders I would have kept my old sony trinitron. so what do you recon is it a prob with the TV or DVD player?


interceptor, there is no problem with either your DVD or TV… It al depends on what format the dvd you’re playing is in. There is only one aspect ratio that is 16x9 and that is (if I’m not mistaken) 1:33.1. The 4x3 aspect ratio is 1:78.1. When you get a dvd that’s 2:35.1 (as it is in most cinema’s - except that their projectors are setup for this format) that means that it is actually ‘wider’ than the 16x9 widescreen format so that explains why you still have black borders top and bottom. Try the same DVD on a 4x3 TV and you’ll see that the borders are a lot bigger so I wouldn’t go complaining just yet :4 Check the box of the DVD to see what format it is in.


I bought a liteon. It is all good. I test it out personally an like it very much. It works on all copy protections. Which of course including the safe disc 1,2 and other as well.


I still think Plextor is the best - it can read the safe disc perfectly. I am thinking of selling LiteOn 24x anyone ? Sure, CDMate can read safe disc 2 in 11:23 mins with LiteOn, but it cheats, the image is not perfect - bad sectors are filled with hex values 55, but with Plex the image is perfect and complete, i.e. the bad sectors are truly read - no values filled in.


I just got my 24x Plex three days before! I never thought of any fucking modifications again (since the 12x and 16x Plex I had were SD2 locked)! My TLa is #0101 and manufacturing date is August 2001. I tried to copy a the new Kylié Minogue’s CD Single (Can’t Get You Out Of My Head) from the original CD which had (!) 2 circles on the surface! The original CD was unreadable in any of my readers (Pioneer DVD-U03S, Pioneer DR-A04S, Plextor PX-40TS)! The only device that read and played the CD was my 24x Plex! I copied the CD with CloneCD v3.091 and noticed that the copy had the same characteristics (not playable to readers) with the original CD! BUT, THE PLEX DID IT WORK PERFECTLY! Also note that CD was an enhanced CD (containing video) and with Clony XL Final was searched and found to be a CD-Extra! I now try MaxPayne copy to find out if this thing can copy SD2 at TLA#0101 version with firm v1.02!!! I’LL BE BACK :7


Oh yeaaaaaaaah! Max Payne copied SUCCESFULLY with my 24x Plex with TLA#0101 And Firm v1.02 !!! :slight_smile: Haha! Let’s see what else will follow… I’m waiting for your comments to this! :7


ok consider this : first two digits of tla number are given by THE VERSION OF THE BIOS THE BURNER IS SHIPPED WITH … so TLA# 00-00 means that the bios is actually 1.00 TLA# 01-00 means that the bios is 1.01 and so on … so I think that the matter about sd2 is given by some other thing … perhaps the factory ? hey guys I have to buy a plex right NOW and I can’t find a TLA# 0000 so please let fix this point !!!


i have a plex TLA#0100 with the firmwarwe 1.0, so it isn´t true what did you say. i can burn every cd with this burner whitout any problem. you don´t need tla#0000, i think because with my version it runs perfectly. All Games like Commandos 2, Max Payne and so on runs whitout problems