Plextor and controller configuration


This is actually a reconfiguration (not a new install), but you get the point. I previously had:

Secondary master: Plextor 12/10/32
Secondary slave: regular old cd-rom

I would like to change the secondary slave to a regular hard drive. I can not get the BIOS to recognize a hard drive as the secondary slave with the Plextor as the secondary master, but it was seeing the cd-rom just fine, and it sees a zip drive just fine. So the question is, is this 1) possible and 2) advisable? Thanks.


Some BIOS’es may not allow a hard drive as slave to an ATAPI device. There is not special reason for this on a secondary cable, other than it is generally advisable to set the faster of the two devices as master.

This type of setting makes sense for the primary IDE cable, because the default PC boot setting is from a hard drive set as primary master. It shouldn’t necessarily apply to to the secondary cable, but your BIOS may use the same logic for primary and secondary.

In any event, having a hard drive as slave to an ATAPI device is a nonstandard configuration. Most of the time it will work, but not this time. Just swap the hard drive to the master setting and the Plextor to the slave, and it should work fine.


That worked perfectly. Thanks.