Plextor and Blu-Ray?

What does Plextor have up its sleeve in regards to BR?

Anything special? Any announcements coming soon? Any idea if they’re supporting both formats or just one?

No direct news are available afaik. But Plextor has a long standing use of Sanyo chips in its optical drives. So I guess it’s a safe bet to look at developments at Sanyo for future Plextor products. Look here:

My iterpretation: We might see a HD-DVD Drive from Plextor relatively soon and maybe a HD/BR-combo drive later.

It’s too risky for small companies like Plextor to produce a Blu-ray drive anytime soon. Plextor will decide whether they want to release one or not after others will have pioneered the mass market because only then there will be at least some thousands of prospective consumers for Plextor-designed drives.

And no one wants Plextor to release another drive before it’s ready, right?

Well, maybe its asking too much but it would be nice if Plextor actually released a good premium DVD+RW DL drive at some point this year and it didn’t suck anus. SATA interface also as an option.

As to BR and HD-DVD, with media costs its not going to be a big market for quite some time. DL media is still absurdly expensive and burns on the second layer are universally horrible quality compared to the SL discs and the first layer on those same DL discs.

It would be nice also to see Plextor incorporating DVD-RAM in future drives, as they already sell (sold?) one in the fareast - the PX 605A.
Why shall they limit european drives to dual format when they already have SuperMulti drives selling in Japan?

BR and HD-DVD is another kind of story (or shall we say war?), and either they come to the market with dual writting facilities or we have to wait and see the outome of this querel, discs will be too expensive and I think no one desires to end up with a dead duck in the arms…

Considering that the movie mafia tries to force you to buy a new monitor just to watch movies (they call this nonsense DRM), they better don’t release a dual format drive and let both formats die