Plextor America releases new firmware for PX-W4824TA drive



I just posted the article Plextor America releases new firmware for PX-W4824TA drive.

Yesterday Plextor America has released a new firmware version for their PX-W4824TA and PX-W4824TU (USB 2.0) drives.

Plextor Europe has now also released this new firmware version. Their…

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I’m currently using Verbatim DataLifePlus CD-RW 74min 16x-24x disc with my Plextor 48x/24x/48x drive an I can’t format those disc to be written to, and if I use them to backup my hard drive and then later try to erase them I catch the devil in doing so!!! I think Verbatim has blundered in making these disc because I also have a Plextor 24x/10x/40x drive and Verbatim DataLifePlus 74min CD-RW 4x-10x disc work FLAWLESSLY in this drive! :frowning:


My experience with failure to write to cdrw’s is that the rated speed of the media does not always allow that spped to be written to in drives. A plextor x16 drive writes at x10 to some x4-10 cdrw media I have, but my plextore 241040a will only erase or write to that media at x4 :frowning: Icey