Plextor again conspiring with Microsoft

After 2 people reported that PxScan does not work with the PX-755, i ordered one in order to find out what’s going on. After bushounding for 10 minutes, I can confirm that it does not work, and I can give a simple reason:

The commands are still the same, but those commands now require authorization. I will refer to those commands as ‘authorized commands’ from now on.

In order to execute authorized commands, you first have to query a code from the drive, which is 16 bytes, then you have to calculate a result from those 16 bytes, send the result back, and turn the drive into authorized-mode. Once the drive is in authorized mode, commands like Q-Check commands, enabling/disabling varirec/gigarec/bitsetting work. After performing such an action, PlexTools automatically sets the drive back to non-authorized mode.

The really funny thing is that the bitsetting commands are authorized commands, while autostrategy commands do not seem to be, at least the ones I’ve checked (switching it on and off).

Of course, the way the response code must be calculated is not publicly known. This means: Plextor does not tolerate that anyone could modify the bitsetting configuration of this drive on Linux or any other OS than Windows.

This time, it will be a lot harder to get it work than it was last time. I cannot even promise that it is feasable at all

Why they are doing that… Just can’t understand.

That’s pretty obvious; they want to sell PlexTools XL. From Plextor’s point of view they have every right to prevent people from developing tools that compete with their own software. Looking at it from the consumer’s point of view it’s a shame that tools like PxScan/PxView don’t work anymore. I have a feeling that most users on this forum will look at this issue from the consumer’s point of view :wink:

Yes, that’s might be truth.

The real problem here is that this scheme is having effects that go far beyond the intended target. This means, for example, that a Software like Nero 6 or 6.6 , while featuring an ‘automatic configuration for unknown drives’, will not be able to support simple features like VariRec or Bitsetting as Alex has pointed out. This because this software simply does not know about that ‘authorized mode’ or how to compute the necessary ‘answer’.

Does Plextor really believe someone out there is ready to abandon their main burning-suite and to switch to PlexTools (XL) just for Bitsetting? And no, I’m not prepared to update to the current Beta that is called Nero 7.x.x.x. which eventually might support this scheme. :disagree: This, ladies and gentlemen of Plextor, is called shooting yourselves in the foot. Because it means you’ll not see any of my money until this is resolved.

IF Plextor wants us to buy PlexTools XL then they better start delivering what they promised. About a year ago when XL was released ‘big’ future developments where announced. Frankly I’ve seen none so far. Given that there is only a 2 year free update policy i’m rather glad i haven’t spent any money on XL yet. So to quote that famous hamburger spot: Plextor, where is the beef?

It is rather easily. Just have a word with one of those firmware-patching wizards. If they can rewrite whole writing strategies they can also disable the authorize-check. :iagree:

I’d rather like to get it work without anyone having to trifle with the firmware… also, this is no option before 1.01 is out :stuck_out_tongue:

Which, unfortunately, will go something like this:

“It does 10X DL! I must have this drive!!!”

And SONY’s rootkit fiasco will be completely forgotten the instant they offer up something greedy consumers want want want. :rolleyes:

What makes you think the ‘big developments’ had anything to do with you or any other individual consumer? :bigsmile:

Think bottom-line and annual shareholders meeting; those two things are the heart of every single decision any corporation takes. When I worked on the helpline for a large software company, they never missed an opportunity to tell me that the helpline not only didn’t generate any revenue, we actually cost the company money. At best, the helpline was a necessary evil.

Hey, I knew that! You know I’m reading Dilbert too! :bigsmile:

OK, one correction: VariREC CD commands are not authorized commands, however, VariREC DVD doesn’t seem to be there at all :confused:

Until now I was almost sure that I was going to upgrade my PX-712A to either a PX-755 or a PX-760. But I use PxScan/PxView all the time because it is better than PlexTools Q-Scan in almost every way (except FE-TE and Burst scanning).

But now I’m not so sure anymore. :confused:

Way to go Plextor! You really know how to please your customer base. :a

Well, the BenQ DW1650 and DW1655 look promising…

IT indurstry is full of paranoia idiots who think being supported is outrageous
i guess plextor wants to be out of odd business

I like my Plex drive too :slight_smile: and Linux too ! but which ever drive i used on the Linux OS , i got fed up installing any burn util, you’ve got too many (Linux) distribution versions… so for using any (burning) drive
(also HP drives in the past) Microsoft OS, and Plextools (any version)
is still prefered for me, also stopped using Nero, since you have to work your way through the “suite” to do a simple task, which is done in Plextools with a few clicks, so what’s the problem ?
If i wasn’t hooked on the Plextor brand, i guess i bought a LG or a Benq burner, but these drives have no OEM software that is as good as Plextor delivers.
Could anybody explane me what’s so wrong, that Plextor is doing ?
what’s the fuzz about ? why i’m happy with Plextor and others not ?

It’s your choice to use PlexTools, but

Could anybody explane me what’s so wrong, that Plextor is doing ?

Plextor is trying to prevent users from making a different choice.

Especially, Plextor is trying to prevent people from doing Asymmetrie tests properly, or better, from getting a proper result: In PlexTools’ visualization, it’s pretty much impossible to see how crappy the asymmetrie curve of lots of discs burned with a PX-716 really is.

They have given us the means necessary to show where the problems of their own drives are, and now they are trying to get the cat back into the bag

So if you can’t beat them… :bow:

Well let me tell you something… Plextools Pro is freely available, but you have to buy a Plextor drive i guess…

Yeah and everyone having done that who doesn’t use Windows will hopefully return it

I don’t understand this , according to me you can only say
this, when you have got specific hardware details from Plextor itself, and i guess no sensible hardware manufactor will give you these, i guess this has allways been a main issue with Linux, also with VGA video cards, for making drivers in Linux, guess you don’t have to earn your money making hardware for pc’s… i guess the money they ask for PlextoolsProXL won’t make them rich, or even pay the software engineers…

according to me you can only say
this, when you have got specific hardware details from Plextor itself
not true.

BTW, LG still allows bitsetting on linux, as does NEC