Plextor adds SATA interface to the PX-755 - the PX-755SA

I just posted the article Plextor adds SATA interface to the PX-755 - the PX-755SA.

D4rk0n3 used our news submit to tell us that the internal Plextor PX-755 now comes with a skinny cable. Capable of 16x DVD+/-R and 10x DVD+R DL speeds, The PX-755SA might make a…

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Finally! I’ll have one please! Now where can I buy this bad boy in the UK?

oh boy, SATA drives, big whopeedoo :stuck_out_tongue: anyways, have them in their catalogue, none available for shipping yet though

I only want SATA cuz I can shave 3C off my CPU temp because the IDE cables disrupt the airflow in my Antec P180. Then again, my cable management skills suck!

Is this NATIVE SATA or a bridgeboard? Wish far more Native SATA drive shipped. It would be much easier to connect multiple drives to the 4-8 SATA controllers on Intel boards which only have 1 PATA port!!!