Plextor A716 or NEC 3520A



Hello everyone

I currently own a Pioneer dvr-107 but I want to upgrade to a DL- Burner and now I am considering this burnes. Can anyone give me some suggestions, which of this ones I should buy. I’ve read many previews but I don’t know, which one I shoud buy. I know the nec community is big and I think there will be many firmware upgrades for this one in the future. I just want to hear your opinions. IT would be nice if someone could post the pros and cons of for both drives.

Thanks for any help and advice

greetz Numer0bis


How much are these two drives selling for?


Well I can get the Nec 3520 BULK for about 70 € and the Plextor 716A Retail for 124 €


The two champs right now are the NEC 3520 and the BenQ 1620. You can’t go wrong with either.


LG GSA-4163B. :smiley:


whooo just found in the plextor forum that a firmware upgrade will give the writer the avaibitly to burn double layer + at 6x and double layer - at 2x and later in march also at 6x

here the press release

here the forum thread


don’t forget 8X +R DL in March too (when hopefully the DL discs will be cheaper than $7-10 a pop.


8x DVD+R DL should be ready anytime soon now.


I wouldn’t say that!!! I would say NEC3500 and BenQ 1620. :slight_smile:
Also as far faster D/L burning speeds :confused: What good does it do you if they don’t have the media? Lets not forget history shows use when drives come out with burning speeds you can’t use by the time the media comes out you will have better cheaper drives that will burn it and more.
So again I say why pay more??? :confused:
I say buy a NEC or BenQ and with the money you save not buying a plextor put it away to buy your next drive in a year. :bigsmile:
Just something to think about. :bigsmile: