Plextor 8X on what media?

from what i can understand the plextor 708 will do 8X om + media and only 4x @- media. Why is this?

Will there be a firmware like for the nec1300 to speed this up later?

Did just order a pioneer 4X dvd burner but now I hade read the plextror rewiew and this drive sounds like fun

To burn 8X will most 4X media do? what about this media here:

the only cheap media I found here in sweden :wink:

Only DVD+R media will work in 8x on the Plextor so forget about the bulkdvd Princo crap. You should be happy if you can burn those discs at all…

Plextor Recommended Media

There you can find an overview of which media the Plextor drives can write and at which speeds.

You should also read this thread:

Princo media such as the media is very low quality, and there is some production batches that do not work with the plextor at all. If you buy cheap princo discs, avoid placing them in sunlight as they will go bad in short time in sunlight. Also do not expect princo to be readable by all drives or last very long.

The plextor likes + media much better than - media. Probably since there is way more low quality - media than + media.

Plextor is working on improving the - media support, but we do not know how good it will work with - media…

Whoa, prices in Sweden seems not so good…

Here in Norway:

Princo 4X DVD-R 11 NOK per disc - 12 SEK
Ritek 4X DVD+R (works at 8X) 15.50 NOK per disc - 17 SEK
Arita 4X DVD+R (works at 8X) 17 NOK per disc - 19 SEK
Verbatim datalifeplus 4X DVD+R (works at 8X) 23 NOK per disc - 25 SEK
Verbatim datalifeplus 4X DVD-R 22 NOK per disc - 24,50 SEK

Hi G@M3FR3@K (difficult to pronounce)

In the Plextor recommended media list DVD+R Prodisk is not listed. However I have been using these media with no problem (so far). What is your opinion of these media compared to Princo.

Oh and another thing, I have some eProformance (Prodisk) DVD+R x4. but when I use CDVDInfo V1.20 the Certified write speed is shown as 2.4x. Why is so?


Hi stelch.

That list is plextors recommended discs list, this do not mean that only those discs will work but those discs on the recommended media list should work optimally with this drive.

Here is a list of which discs that is supported in the firmware of this drive: (thanks to jsl)

DVD+R                                            DVD+RW
BEALL P0001  (BeAll 2.4x)                CMC MAG W01  (CMC Magnetics 2.4x)
BeAll000P40  (BeAll 4x)                    INFODISCA01  (Infodisc 2.4x)
CMC MAG F01  (CMC Magnetics 4x)  MCC     A01  (Mitsubishi 2.4x)
DAXON   AZ0  (Daxon 2.4x)              MKM     A02  (Mitsubishi 4x)
FUJIFILM003  (Fujifilm ?x)                 OPTODISCOP1  (Optodisc 2.4x)
LD      001  (Lead Data ?x)               PRODISC W01  (Prodisc 2.4x)
MAXELL  001  (Maxell 4x)                  RICOHJPNW01  (Ricoh 2.4x)
MAXELL  002  (Maxell 8x?)                RICOHJPNW11  (Ricoh 4x)
MCC     001  (Mitsubishi 2.4x)           RITEK   001  (Ritek 2.4x)
MCC     002  (Mitsubishi 4x*)             SONY    S11  (Sony ?x)
MCC     003  (Mitsubishi 8x?)
MPOMEDIA001  (MPO Media 2.4x)
OPTODISCOP1  (Optodisc 2.4x)
OPTODISCOR4  (Optodisc 4x?)
PRODISC R01  (Prodisc 2.4x)
PRODISC R02  (Prodisc 4x)
RICOHJPNR00  (Ricoh 2.4x)
RICOHJPNR01  (Ricoh 4x*)
RICOHJPNR02  (Ricoh 8x?)
RITEK   R01  (Ritek 2.4x)
RITEK   R02  (Ritek 4x)
SONY    D01  (Sony 4x)
TDK     001  (TDK 4x?)
TDK     002  (TDK 8x?)
YUDEN000T01  (Taiyo Yuden 4x*)

*)Burns in 8x on the Plextor

DVD-R                            DVD-RW
1FUJIFILM                        JVC/VictorT7
BeAll G00001                     JVC_VictorW7
BeAll G40001                     MCC 00RW11N9
CMC MAG.                         MCC 01RW11n9
CMC MAG. AF1                     OPTODISCK001
CMC00RG200                       PRINCO
DAXON004                         ProdiscDVDRW
FORNEX001                        PVCW000001Q9
FUJIFILM02                       PVCW000002A9
GSC001                           PVCW00D002K9
KIC 00RG200                      RITEK000V11A
KIC01RG20                        RITEK004V11
LD                               RITEKW01    
LEADDATA01                       SONY000000U9
LEADDATAA01                      TDK501saku]3
Lead Data                        TDK502sakuM3
MCC 00RG200
MCC 01RG20
MEI 00V001
SKC Co.,Ltd.

Ah a little note:


Check again with a disc identifier program ( for example) which discs you have…

anyone scaned one of these in K-probe? i want to know and see a graph from a 8x burn! just curious! :cool:

yes im diehard liteon but 8x would be nice :bigsmile:

  • the prodisc DVD+R do not work at 8X if that was what you ment…

But here is scans of all the types of discs that will write at 8X (TY, Mitsubishi and ricoh).

well as it looks… better off to write 4x till that 8x media comes out… does not look like price of the drive and 8x burning is worth the quality of the burns it put out yet!

ill wait on the side lines and see how this one turns out! :slight_smile: or wait for the liteon 8x :stuck_out_tongue:

I have the 708a and I’ve been burning 4x TDK +R discs at 8x. I haven’t had any problems doing this. To the naked eye I don’t notice any quality issues. Would there actually be a quality issue when comparing a dvd burned at 4x rather than 8x?

The Plextor PX-708A drive works best with media that Plextor recommends, as is the case with most Plextor drives. I have also burned some Plextor DVD+R discs at 8x without any problems. It’s too bad I don’t own a Lite-On DVD-ROM drive to do some error measurements.

As I write this, the Lite On 166s is being delivered to my house. How can I do error measurements? What program do I need?

k-probe you can find it by searching the forums as the website was gone last i checked.

Originally posted by barhormd
I have the 708a and I’ve been burning 4x TDK +R discs at 8x. I haven’t had any problems doing this. To the naked eye I don’t notice any quality issues. Would there actually be a quality issue when comparing a dvd burned at 4x rather than 8x?

As long as the disc looks OK and … most importantly - WORKS in the devices you need it to… there should be no worries.

I am trying to stick to discs Plextor says are 8X compatible, otherwise I’ll burn at 4X.

(My 8X burns have played fine in a varied set of players at home… a set-top sony, the playstation 2, my PCs, and an Initial Portable DVD).

All of that said, just to be safe if I am making a disc that is important or for public consumption (like someone’s Wedding), I’ll burn usually a quality 4X DVD-R disc, usually from a brand such as Apple, or Maxell, or Verbatim. Or I’ll burn a 2X disc from any major brand name (+ or - R). For such important discs it is not worth the 8-15 minutes saved in the burn when so much work went before it.