Plextor 880SA - bitsetting/booktype problem. Please help

Hi everyone!

I hope someone would be kind and give out some help here.

The problem is basically this:

I want to burn my XBOX360 backup’s - so I need to set the bitsetting/booktype to DVD-ROM when burning (using IMGBURN) to get my old XBOX360 drive to recognize it correctly. But whatever I do - I always end up with a N/A in the booktype on the IMGBURN log.

As said in the title - the burner is a 880SA.

I have tried the following:

-Changing the booktype using PlexUtilities.

-Changing the booktype using the Lite-On tap in IMGBURN

-Changing the booktype using the Lite-On tap in IMGBURN plus setting the ID string in the advanced feature

I’ve been using hours looking around - and haven’t found a solution yet.

Could anyone enlighten me?

For Plextor drives all you need to do is set the booktype in plextools to DVD-ROM. If that isn’t working or you don’t have PT installed try this:

Slect the book type in IMGburn (the book icon in the lower right corner) once there choose “plextor” and “change for” and “DVD+R” (you can’t do this for DVD-R media). Then choose “new setting” which is “DVD-ROM” and then click “change” and you should get a message that it was succseesful. Then hit OK and you’re good to go.

Plextools “should” change this on the hardware level for all drives but it may not. Try Nero as it works fine w/ plextools and has an “xbox” setting too in Mode 1 DVD for Xbox DVDs.