Plextor 8432 atapi - Win on CD 3.7

Three days ago, i bought a CD-RW PLEXTOR 8432 ATAPI. The packet which i bought, also include the Win On CD 3.7 program.The problem is that there is no option in the Win On CD 3.7 program menu for recording speed up to 2x , although the CD-RW is capable for more recording speeds.I would be gratefoul if you sent me some information about how to get over this problem

K, dude what are you doing with that piece of shit software when you have a wonderful burner, first, goto and get clonecd and use that to back up everything, this is like the god of all burning software, then you stay at that web site and download something like mp3cdmaker and use that for mp3 audio cds, and you get nero and use that for other shit, or get adaptec easy cd creator, that is also kinda nice, then you keep on watching this site for new shit that is going on and you will be with the happiest burners on the net, i don’t know how i found this place, but everytime it goes down i start saving up to buy a t3 connection so that i can help cdfreaks out, of course the saving acount never last because they come back online and i go party because of happiens, just goto the site and get the stuff man, don’t forget to thank me. ; )