Plextor 8/4/32A+SafeDisc 2 and CloneCD



Is there any hope left to burn safedisc 2 material using my drive? I tried CloneAMP to enable "Amplify Weak Sectors" within CloneCD 3.x, but that didn't help. There was another german patch program I tried which didn't work at all. It seems the only way to make it work is to use software like insektors, actually a funny thing about that is I don't even have to patch the image with insektors to work, just have the driver installed :). Well that doesn't help me much, one day insektors will not be supported in some OS and all the safedisc 2 games I got won't work. So, anyone have any other suggestions? I have a firmware of 1.07, should I change to another one? Thanks for all the help.

If there is absolutely no hope, I will have to get a new drive. Actually I'll make another post about that, plz go read it. I was hoping I can hold on to the Plextor I got, I'm building a new PC and the money I spend on a new CDRW drive can go towards something else.


well first of all get the newest version of clone cd ( just came out on may 3rd. once u get that make sure u enable AWS, then burn tha cd. (use a cd-rw disk to test it)
then see what ya get :slight_smile:
once u have tha newest version of clone cd installed just use tha game cd profile for reading and writing unless ya know what protection tha game u want to copy uses.

good luck :wink:


In CloneCD 4 you can use this tool to enable AWS. Don’t know if it still works in CloneCD v4.0.0.1 but try and see.