Plextor 8/4/32 IDE, anyone have this and had any problems? (read inside)



I’m going to purchase this, but I was wondering…I can get it with an extra warrenty (instead of 1 year, I can get it for 3 years), and it’s $30 more. Is it worth it? What are the chances of the Plextor drive burning out? My HP 7200i has stopped using re-writables, so that’s why I’m looking into a new Burner.
Also, can this Plextor drive use CloneCD? It sounds like a good program.

Thanks in advance for the help



When you rate the usage to let’s say 2 or 3 years, I took that offer, because it seems to be a good insurance.
There’s little known about life expectance of Plextor’s, because they are very young.
The earlier popular CDburners (mostly Philips) gave up after +/- 1 year and the Sony’s CRX100(HP8100) had also a short life.
All Plextor’s with the right firmware now work with Clonecd, included your model.


PlexWriter 8/4/32A

MTBF 60.000 POH (Power On Hours) Maximum Time Before Failure
Tray Loading Eject 200.000 times

I think that should last you a while

btw KaosX Hope you have your Cow Grazing away happily


Hi KaosX
I bought a month ago CD burner you are talking about.
Works just great. All common software support this model. (Don’t forget to check firmware version (must be 1.07, but you can flash-upgrade for free). CloneCD, NERO and so on. Just check list of software at
Only problem I had was with Prassi PrimoCD… but who cares?.. I use Sonic Foundry CD Architect for audio premastering, CloneCD for duplicating, NERO for data and rest purposes.

I’m not a Plextor dealer to advise.
Main things for me were: best audio extraction that Plextor offer, possibility to working with CD Architect.



My counter shows 354 burned cd’s for the moment and he’s working fine. Nero seems to be the best choice for this burner and I had some problems with Winoncd 7. Until now this the best burner i had .