Plextor 8/4/32 have me frustrated



!Hola friends of CD Freaks!

I decided to make an upgrade to my Mitsumi 4X CDR and yesterday buy a Plextor 8/4/32 IDE and until the moment I have damaged 7 disks and I have not been able to burn none successfully. I have tried to make a Backup of a directory and I have not been able because the system hangout. I have tried to burn a copy of Encarta 98 making an image to the hard disk first and using the plextor like reader and burner and the system stills Hangout. I am using Nero 4.9.1 and CloneCD.
My system is a Pentium II 400 / 256MB Ram / 18GB IBM / Plextor 8/4/32 as master and the mitsumi 4X as slave. My Plextor was Manufactured in February /2000 and have the latest firware. I install Easy CD but then I removes it. Please somebody help me.
Thanks, Invader from Puerto Rico.


Seems like Easy CD fucked your system up.
I know this not a good solution but consider
formatting your HDD as an option, but first try disabling auto insert notification and by using ctrl-alt-del shut down all the progs running in your memory.



Do not format yet !!! (Last solution)
I use easy cd creator and there’s a thing u should change.
add this to SYSTEM.INI under [vcache]


This may just work !

(other strange thing - make sure your mitsumi has no other cd in it < meaning : copy from harddisk)

Another thing : USE A REWRITABLE CD
(If u f*** up at least it didn’t cost u anything)

Good Luck - Would like to hear if you
're succesfull


If you buy a SCSI writer, you won’t have that many problems. A SCSI writer is far more better than a IDE writer. Remember that.