Plextor 8/4/32 cd writer



Anybody know if this internal ide writer supports overburning?


nopes, it don’t support overburning


You are right you can’t burn over with a ide writer

Greetz madmax


thanks for your replies.

where can i find out which plextor drive supports overburning.


Even though some people told me that the plextor 8432 IDE can overburn i had it & IT COULDNT NO MATTER WHAT I DID - & i tried EVERYTHING!!!

i exchanged it 4 a YAMAHA 8432S (SCSI) & its fast ,reliable (no coasters yet),fast & Accurate DAE (16x - 100% accuracy with EAC) & it DOES OVERBURN!!

BTW: there R IDE Burners that can overburn cus i had a CREATIVE CDRW6424 & it did overburn.


IDE writers can too overburn – one of my drives is a Yamaha 4416E and it overburns all dayyy long…or at least when i tell it to. but my other 2 drives are both SCSI and they don’t overburn – because they r getting old. they r ricoh mp6200s and saf 2006s.