Plextor 8/2/20 - Worth buying?


As I read in the following thread, the Plextor PX-R820Ti and PX-R8220Ti are obviously the best burners for all SafeDisc versions (up to 3.20):

I think about buying one for burning DVDs, it seems to be quiet perfect for me:

-It is a SCSI-device
-It supports burning speeds of up to 8x - I never burnt a CD faster, although my NEC ND2500 supports much higher speeds
(My first CD-R-drive was a Mitsumi 2801TE with 2x speed, so I learnt patience :wink: )
-It’s very cheap now
-It’s probably the best drive for new SafeDisc versions

But I have still some questions:
-What about other copy-protections (SecuRom, StarForce, Audio Protections, etc.)?
-Is there any difference between the PX-R8220Ti and the PX-R8220Te (external drive) when copying games?


I might be mis-understanding your post, but I have an old 8/2/20 in the closet, and it’s a CD Burner not a DVD Burner.

sorry, of course it is for CDs, i already have a DVD-burner!

so if you have this burner, could you please test it with some copy-protections?

safedisc works, but maybe you can try some others.

and please post your TLA!

I would do that for you, but I don’t have a scsi card at the moment. Tho it did great for safedisc burns when I was using it.