Plextor 760SA SATA will not write to CD

Went to burn an ISO on the newly built system in my sig and it seems my drive doest want to burn CDs, not in Alcohol nor in the Plextools CD Write test… it dosnt even do Simulated writes in ether at all. Alcahol just pauses requireing me to Ctrl Alt Del to End Task, and Plextools CD Write test is a simular situation… boath spin up the disk for a moment before proceeding to do nothing at all as well.

There is some weirdness in the Device Manager that may, or may not explain what is going on, its realy hard to tell. Boath the SATA burner in questiion (Pluged into onboard sata1 controler) and my SATA2 Hard drive(useing the sata2 controler) are boath listed as SCSI Devices.

Anyone have any suggestions ?

What firmware version do you have?
What operating system and what chipset do you use.
I have a similar problem with my PX-755SA…
It starts to write Lead-in and then nothing. I’ve made too much coasters for trying to find a solution!

Remove crap Alcohol and disable IMAPI services.

I don’t have Alchool installed.
I’ll try to disable the IMAPI service.

If you guys are using manufacturer specific chipset drivers, like nForce drivers or whatever Uli uses, try uninstalling them and using the generic Microsoft drivers.

Seems my sig dont work so heres the details…

Opteron 170
Asrock S939Dual-Sata2
2Gb G.Skill HZ
Radeon X1900 XT
IBM Deskstar T7K250 (250GB)
Plextor PX-760SA(Last available Firmware is on it i believe)
Sound Blaster X-Fi Fatal1ty
480W Tagan TG480-U22
Chenbro Gaming Bomb 2
Windows XP Pro

Disabling the IMAPI sevice does not improve the situation.
I use nForce drivers but I don’l like too much uninstall them for let my drive working good.
With firmware 1.02 all worked well!

My config:
Asus A8N-E
Athlon64 3000+
GeForce 6600GT
WD 740GD (Raptor)
WD 3200KS
WD 2500BB
Maxtor 6Y160P0
Plextor PX-708A
Plextor PX-755SA
520W OCZ Modstream
WinXP Pro SP2

Not familiar with the 760SA, but the 755SA has the same diagnostic as the other PX drives. Ever thought of actually doing a self test to see if it is drive problem or a system problem? Or is that too much effort to try and “find a solution”?

Is not too much effort, is that with the previous firmware all was working well and with the new one no!
So I’m pretty sure that is a firmware problem.
I also reverted to the previous one and the problems all were solved.
I hope Plextor will fix this soon because seems a problem only for the Sata version and not for the Atapi one.

I have to agree with you! I always found it’s better to use nForce drivers, using generic Microsoft drivers creates more problems and nothing works as well as with the nForce drivers.

S1nn3r, did you try burning DVDs?

As far as I know the highest compatibility is with Intel chipsets. From newegg description, it says your mobo North/South Bridge is Uli.

My 760SA works fine with Asus P5W DH Deluxe in ICH7R connectors (SATA1, 3, 4), also in JMicron SATA connector.

check this thread .755SA user having problem with firmware 1.04(760SA firmware is 1.03).

So ive tryed uninstalling/reinstalling the ULI drivers and the Drive itself via Device manager and various combinations there of, also have attempted to clean out as much of the remans of Alcohol as I can find, all with no luck, as to diagnostics the only instructions I can find for that are for older drives, and there is no real manual in the box for the drive that I can look at seemingly.

I’ve contacted Plextor.
Now they are investigating.
But if we found more info I can send them to Plextor.

yes, after some investigation, it seems that atapi over sata on nforce boards requires nforce sata drivers.

Im I right in saying that for you reverting to an older firmware fixed your issues that are similar to mine ?

Yes, seems that PX-760 with firmware 1.03 is the same of PX-755 version 1.04.
Obviously they cannot be exchanged but the base seems the same.