Plextor 760A

I’m looking to buy a DVD burner and I notice the Plextor 760A is top-ranked in the recent optical drive poll. But when I checked the user reviews of this drive at Newegg, people had all sorts of problems with this drive. A lot of people said this drive failed after couple months use.

What are people’s experience with this drive on this forum? Does it really fail that soon?

This drive is like 3x the price of a Pioneer or Liteon, so I want make sure it’s really worth the money before I go ahead. Thanks!

Even if it fails, plextor will get your drive within a week.
I have one and it’s the best for high quality media, if you want to burn worse media, my liteon has also a very good performance.

I have the drive now for more than half a year. It hasn’t prduce any bad disc so far. The only downside ist that it can not burn 32x CD-RW media properly. Even 18x burning on MCC004 media is quite good.

While i consider the PX-760 to be superior mechanically compared to cheaper drives i have (Liteon, LG), it unfortunately (and expectedly) is not entirely prone to failure. My own initial unit couldn’t write 8x +RW. It worked fine otherwise (still does) so the laser unit was probably partially faulty to begin with. Plextor sent me a replacement within 3 days.

However, the steeper price should not only be put in relation to mechanical quality but more to the extra functionality that is offered and cannot be found (or only partially) in other drives:

  • very complete quality scanning capability
  • Gigarec
  • Autostrategy
  • largely unimpressed with audio-cd copy protections
  • perfect DAE
  • Overburning for CD and DVD
  • very complete list of supported media
  • good firmware support

just to name a few.

Other than that i once had a PX-708 fail but all other drives CD or DVD (4824, Premium, 712, 716, 755, …) always worked fine (and still do).